The best ever song to workout to

“The ace of spades! The ace of spades!” guitar goes dum da dum, da da dum da dum da da dum
“You know I dont like to lose, da dum da dum dum dum, but thats the way I like it baby, I dont wanna live forever” - Motorhead

You cant beat THAT pump. LOL.(you may now purge your HAHAs and LOLs)

Although I’ve never heard that song. I’ll definitely have to say the worst song to workout to is the one they play at my gym all the time. I think its by Christia Aguliera and it goes something like “…makes me work a little bit harder, makes me work a little bit faster, dun dun na yada yada yada…” Its gayer than all hell and everybody else thinks its cool. Idiots.

anything from Slipknot or Hatebreed, especially song #4, on Slipknot’s Iowa album

CHRISMCL: CA’s song is ‘Fighter’, the video is not better.

One day in the gym, they had a Top40 radio station on. I kid you not, they played these songs back to back

“Unskinny Bob”
“Baby Got Back”

How appropriate!

Any thing heavy is good to work out to.

Diesel go download Bulldozer by MachineHead. Absolutely frickin perfect for Renegade Training.

“Revolver” by Rage Against the Machine

“Dig” by Mudvayne

“Counterfiet” by _Limp Bisquit

Just to name a few.

Actually “Walk” by Pantera is the best work out song ever. But Ace of Spades is up there.

Duhn duhn duhn nuh nuh

Duhn duhn duhn nuh nuh



“Are you talking to me?”

Sorry if my duhn(s) are a little off. I’ve never been that musically talented . . . .

If I had to choose one band to listen to while lifting it would definitely be Hatebreed. The music and lyrics are always very intense and powerful. Their song “I Will Be Heard” off of Perseverence is the single best one to lift to hands down. Here are the lyrics:

"Now is the time
for me to rise to my feet
Wipe your spit from my face
Wipe these tears from my eyes

I’ve got to take my life back
One chance to make it right
I’ve gotta have my voice be heard
And bring meaning to this life
Cause I’ve trusted for nothing
I’ve been led astray
I’ve been tried and tested
But I won’t accept defeat
Now I’ve done things I regret
And its time to reverse the rules
I just want to make good on all the promises that I have made

I will be
I will be heard
I will be heard

Now is the time…

Through the worst we prevail
So our voices will be heard
Through the worst we prevail
So our voices will be heard

Now is the time…

I’ve got to take my life back…

I will be
I will be heard
I will be heard"

It isn’t the best songwriting in the world, but if you’re looking to get psyched up, this is the stuff.

Welcome to the jungle by Guns N Roses


Back in black by ACDC

but in general I like anything heavy (and no I am not hopelessly stuck in the 80’s)

Alongside Pantera, Holy Thunderforce (amongst others by Rhapsody) sure gets me going:

Face me evil bastard, smell the hate of angels
Glory, pride and bloodshed
Cowards and beholders, rapers of my wisdom
mix of dust and bones
Go back to your abyss, Algalord will not fall
but your heads will soon roll
Test the blade of heroes, fury of the thunder
hit my golden shield(…)

USMC / Navy Seal Cadence does the job too. =0)

Weapon X,

Walk on, homeboy!

You could do all those pushups, to pump up your chest
I got a twelve gauge mossburg to pump up your chest
Have ya gaspin fo air when them shells hit your vest
Fear me like ya fear god cause I bring death
Silverback gorilla in the concrete jungle
I’m the strongest around ya know how I get down
I watch gangsta flicks and root for the bad guy
Then turn em off before it ends cause the bad guy dies

-It’s 50-


That was the song that played during the snowboarding scene of “XXX”

Good stuff

Brad, Hatebreed allowed their song to be played in a Vin Diesel “movie?” Maybe I don’t have quite as much respect for them afterall.


Hatebreed left the underground long ago. While I still have much love and respect for the big lugs, their inclusion in a Vin Diesel vehicle only makes sense as the “extreme”, Mountain Dewers have claimed them as their own. As the aforementioned focus group makes up the bulk of Vin’s (male) fan base, Hatebreed’s presence within the film seems apropos. That said, few things on this Earth prime the pistons for destructiuon as does Hatebreed.

While I am a Hatebreed fan… and Pantera is probably my favorite all time band… there is still nothing that gets me going for my workouts like this song.

"Into the battles making, cages rattle,
There?s a pain that?s inside us,
And we?re letting it out?

Charge right in,
We dare to fail, no one is giving in,
Always we live to win,
A hunger turns and burns inside of all of us,
And it will not be denied.

Walking a path untravelled, to reach higher levels,
Challenging always, goin? against the grain?

Blood for blood, that is the rule and we will make the rules,
Never be fortune?s fool,
There?s right and wrong in almost everything we do,
For us we do what is right.

Bulldozer feeds off of the weaker as they fall,
Bulldozer crushes, all?

Somebody told me, I should do what they told me,
But there?s a whole in their plan, and I?m tearing it down?

Trust our guts, follow our hearts no one can break these nuts,
These lips ain?t kissin? butts,
The path of most resistance tests all of our strength,
The strength will not be denied.

Bulldozer feeds off of the weaker as they fall,
Bulldozer crushes, all?"

If that doesn’t fit Davies, and Renegade Training… I don’t know what does.

iron maiden 24/7

yeah Daox, the shit about Hatebreed and “XXX” is true bro sorry. But their band still kicks ass. Saw them and Ozzfest this year and my body still hasn’t recovered from the pit when they played.

and the title track “Perserverance” is pretty good to bang to as well.