The Best Diet Is…

Just because an approach is “better” it doesn’t mean that it will deliver the best results. The mental/psychological aspect is so often neglected by those who love to engage in years-long debates on social media.


There’s a lot of value in that summary statement: The best diet is the one you can follow long-term while staying healthy, happy, and reaching your goal.

I like those four check boxes: healthy, happy, sustainable, goal-oriented.

Lots of “effective” fat loss and muscle-gain diets aren’t healthy. And lots of fat-loss diets “work” but make you unhappy and miserable, which is turn makes them unsustainable. And a lot of diets make you feel good about yourself – like veganism for some people – but ultimately don’t help you reach your physique goals and may not be healthy as the deficiencies start to add up, which can take a while to notice.

Really good stuff here. Christian can pack a lot of value into these short videos!


Okay, had to summarize/meme this one.

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