The Best Damn Set for Muscle Growth

I was on a light, long duration cycle and hadn’t gone heavy in a while.
Stumbled on this and figured what the heck. Ouch
I wasn’t really sure when to cut the 1st layer, as I didn’t want to not get to the second.
Third layer was OK. I think I really started counting faster as to get the time in.
4th? eh… I really wanted to get the badass label for myself but forget it. I bailed.
Going to keep the weight the same and note my reps.
Thinking I should improve quickly because I didn’t go heavy for quite a while.

Anyone else using these? I tried two activation sets with just slow eccentric and brisk but not explosive concentric.

Just started and bailed at layer 4. One question: on pulling exercises such as chin up is layer 4 arms extended hang or holding my chin over the bar?

Don’t know if CT reads the threads but does he still consider this the best method for growth or his more recent article Best Training Methods for Pecs, Delts, and Biceps?

  1. The titles are in large part selected to increase the number of people who read an article. It should not be taken at face value as THE best method under all circumstances and for all muscle groups.

  2. A method is only effective as the time it takes you to adapt to it. The more you use it, the less effective it becomes (especially if you keep using it with the same exercise). That’s why I use tons of different methods. And while some might be better to start with, at one point the previously less effective methods can become more effective as you become adapted to the originally superior one.

Coach CT, thank you for answering my question.