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"The Best Damn" Questions

Hey y’all,

Long time lurker / reformed shit poster here. I’ve been using a combo of “The Best Damn” workouts and Primer 52. My results have been decent. I’ve gained roughly 10 lbs in as many months. Although an exact measurement is difficult since I lose weight SUPER easy. (Like, 10 lbs in three days if I cut carbs and work - I’m an emergency nurse so I’m walking 5ish miles a day). I feel like I’m still not doing something right, so I bought the “Best Damn” workout plan and have questions.

  1. I usually do a periodization model (Prep / hypertrophy, strength, speed / agility) but I’m not sure how to do a speed or agility phase using these concepts, or if I should. So- do I just bulk until I reach goal weight and worry about the rest later? Or can I take a four week pause for speed and agility and return after?

  2. Is the primer 52 diet better or should I follow the general advice in the “Best damn” program I bought?

  3. Should I care about neurotyping or just stick to the “Best Damn” programs?

  4. My quads, calves, arms, and forearms always lag behind my back and chest. What, if anything, can I do to address this.

If my questions are dumb, are answered elsewhere, or otherwise don’t deserve a complete answer- don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks in advance for the help.

The only thing I can probably answer here is I’m a Type 3 and have had great results with that program. I’m on week 6 right now. I eat like a Type 3 as well so high carbs, 1g/lb for protein and fill in fat. I tried primer 52 and cannot handle the fasting days, all I think about is food and hangry is a real thing for me. My advice is to always run a program as is. Anyway, that’s my two cents. Good luck.

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Any advice on speed / agility training while using the “Best Damn” programs?

Seems like I need to cough up the money for the neurotype testing to figure out my diet.

Edit: Thanks!!!

Not from me on speed and agility. I took the test even though I knew I was clearly a type 3. It’s a good test to take though. I would suggest answering the questions and if you have a significant other have them with you to help you answer. An outside opinion is nice.

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I am obviously not CT, but if you have hard time to put on mass, why just not exclude agility/speed and other conditioning part of work for the duration of the program or some designated time?
Especialy since your job is already conditioning itself.

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That’s a fair question. I use that phase to work speed and explosive movements, as well as some skill work like cartwheels and handstands.

I will work speed, skills, explosiveness for 4 weeks out of 24-34 at max. I feel it helps my knees and shoulders as well, especially the handstands.

I understand, totaly legit.
Just wanted to say to give yourself some time to focus on one goal(or at least compatible goals).
And keep us posted :slight_smile:

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