The Best Damn Program with Limited Equipment?

Hi coach I know this will be subpar to the original program, but I have limited equipment (light barbell and dumbbells) and hope to keep the spirit of the program.

Mechanical tension:
I have limited weight, so in order to make them challenging I’ll do a 3 seconds hold in each position, short of lockout, middle, lenghted position. Two sets to failure

Fiber Fatigue:
Myo reps sets, just with higher reps (15-20)

mTor activation: I find it hard to use good stretch exercises for each muscle and to load them with good weight. So I’d do
Darden’s 30-10-30, followed by an occlusion stretch (a static stretch where you mildly contract the muscle - took it from Scott Stevenson)

One different exercise every day, whenever possible 2 compounds and one isolation.

As a side note I bought your beat the apocalypse program during last lockdown and I found it quite effective, but I want to run a different plan this time