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The "Best Damn Plan For Naturals" to Lean Up


Hey CT - What is your opinion on manipulating this program to lean up ?
(I understand that this is a gaining plan - but i'm almost onto week 5 and i love it, however the Australian summer is approaching and i would like to lose some fluff for the beach and honestly just start feeling lighter, without losing the fun of this program, i love waking up to train the 6 days a week).
(I've also started to apply your methods from a previous post about "leaning up" regarding your food choices to make the body as healthy as possible and i've already noticed some fluff loss.

Is it possible to do something like this and continue with the 6 day a week plan whilst in a calorie deficit - If so what differences would you make to the standard plan to incorporate fat loss ?

Before i get told to do a different program - please note i train at home in a garage gym so not all programs are achievable with my equipment (which can make a lot a no go).

Thanks CT


It's actually a great base methodology to do while in a caloric deficit because of the low glycogen use and low cortisoi release. As such the risk of losing muscle is much lower than with typical training programs, if you play your cards right (having carbs and protein pre-workout and protein post-workout) you might even gain some muscle.

What I would recommend is adding loaded carries or sprints to the program. These methods help you lose fat with a low risk of muscle loss compared to other "fat loss" methods. Doing some regular walking (45-60 minute walks) every day (if possible) will also help with no detrimental effect on muscle mass.

For the loaded carries or sprints I would start by adding a small amount once or twice per week at the end of the sessions (if its loaded carries) or in spare time (if its sprints...sprints can also be done at the end of the session). After 2-3 weeks if the body handles it well you can add them to one more session per week. Every 2-3 weeks reassess if your body is handling the workload and if you can add loaded carries/sprints to another session.


Whats your take on short "hiit"-sessions, for fatloss. E.g. run 20s and walk 40s, repeat 10-15 times?


Thank you so much CT!!! Can't wait to start ! Really appreciate it!
CT- I have added Abs on the pull day at the end of the workout, how would you train the Abs to keep the laws of the program. A certain rep range, style, exercise etc.
Also thanks for your tips on training the calves, they are on my push day at the end. The squeeze in the stretched position while tensing the calf as hard as possible really burns !