The Best Damn Diet For Natural Lifters

Hey CT,

Just read your article on nutrition for natural lifters, really enjoyed it…

Just a quick question on my layout while gaining muscle/weight

I need 3,000 calories to gain on average 0.5 lbs a week which is my aim… How I’ve been setting this out is as follows:

My weight: 185 lbs

Protein: 275g

Carbs: 300g

Fat: 78g

I bumped protein up a bit higher because I find eating more than 300g carbs for me is my limit.


  1. Would I be best to drop the protein down to around 250g and increase fat to around 88-90g. Does insulin sensitivity with carbs have the same effect with fat?

So my layout has been:

Meal 1:

Protein 68g

Carbs 50g

Fats 15g

Pre workout:

BCAA 10g

Carbs 25g (maltodextrin)

Fat 15g MCT

Post Workout / Meal 2:

Protein 68g

Carbs 75g

Fats 15g

Meal 3:

Protein 68g

Carbs 50

Fats 15g

Meal 4:

Protein 68g

Carbs 100g

Fats 15g


  1. How should I rearrange this, especially to maximise carbs especially around my workout? Should I remove the carbs from meal 1?

Thanks for the help with this,