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The Best Damn Diet and Carbs

I am trying to make a diet based on your new article.
“The Best Damn Diet for Natural Lifters”

What’s getting me is the carbs, so I would like to see if I understand it correctly.

I am 6’3", 175 lbs. (ectomorph)

Daily caloric intake on muscle building plan: 175x16=2800

Protein: 1,25 grams per lbs 218,75 = 220g

Carbs: 2800 (daily) - 880 (protein) = 1920 x0,6 (since I am carb tolerant I guess)=
1152 calories / 4= 288g of carbs!

Fats: 2800 (daily) - 1152 (carbs) = 1648 /9 = 183g of fat.

Protein 220g
Carbs 300g
Fat 183g

so meal wise:

  • Breakfast: 35g of protein and 30g fats
  • Lunch: 35g of protein and 30g fats
  • Snack: 35g of protein and 30g fats
  • Workout: 35g of protein and 100g of carbs (Plazma™)
  • Dinner: 35g of protein and 100g of carbs
  • Snack: 35g of protein and 100g of carbs

It just seems like alot! of carbs in a short time - but maybe its just me?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
PS: I am planning to do The Best Damn High-Volume Workout-Plan.

Slight error. You forgot to factor in protein calories when determining fat, what you have is actually around 3700 cals as protein is 4 cals per gram

What you actually want going by your carb preference is
Pro 220
Carbs 300
Fat 80

Cool, thanks!

Still a lot of carbs though :slight_smile:

What would seem like not a lot?

The example in the article is 250g of protein and 180g of carbs, seems more like “not a lot” :slight_smile:

I just wanted to doublecheck that the starting point of p: 220, c: 300, f: 80 sounds reasonable.

Dude, you’re over 6 foot and weigh less than I do at 5’6. 300g of carbs is bird-seed. Double that figure and go from there. I’m 45 and eat way more than 600g of carbs a day.


Fair enough :smiley:

Plus, you categorized yourself as “carb tolerant”. Are you or aren’t you???

It’s just you. What else can I say… 300g of carbs is actually not high. But because we have been brainwashed that low carbs are better, then it can look huge.

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I just reread the Best Damn Diet and it seems it is slightly in favour of fat loss over muscle gain. Muscle gain is there quite a lot but the part about carbs seems more towards fat loss.
For muscle gain do you still recommend the 40-60%? Or would you increase it, since your saying 300 grams is actually not a lot?

Indeed. But you simply increase the caloric intake for muscle growth. The article explains how to adjust that depending on the rate of progression.

It depends on your insulin sensitivity and rate of progression. Carbs can indeed increase muscle growth by being protein sparing (dereasing protein breakdown) and even anabolic by incresing mTOR, IGF-1 and insulin. BUT it is false to say that you will linearly increase growth by simply adding carbs.

That’s another thing.
I hear people saying that this herb increases insulin sensitivity or that weight training does too. But how does one actually measure insulin sensitivity without spending a million bucks?

You can do it yourself pretty less by using a glucometer. You test for fasted blood glucose levels. In a fasted state under 100 mg/dl is normal, above that it would indicate insulin resistanceand higher than 125mg/dl is an indication of diabetes.

You can also do a glucose tolerance test.

In a fasted state drink 75g of glucose (pretty much any simple liquid carb can do but it must provide 75g of simple carbs). Then measure blood glucose levels 2 hours later. If it’s less than 140mg/dl it’s normal (good insulin sensitivity), if it’s between 140 and 199, it’s a sign of insulin resistance. If it’s above 200 it’s a sign of diabetes.

A blood glucose meter costs as little as 20$

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I actually have a blood glucose meter.
When I wake on average it is between 75-80mg/dl.

That’s very good. It’s on the low end of normal, which is normally where you want to be.

You can try the glucose tolerance test to confirm the good insulin sensitivity.

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Thanks a lot!

Here’s another problem I just thought about.
Even though I have good insulin sensitivity and can tolerate a good amount of carbs, i still get slightly bloated after consuming carbs?

That has not to do with either gut microbiome or intolerance to the food selection you made.

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Mainly from sweet potato or rutabaga.