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The Best Creatine?


I was looking at SIZE ON or Allmax Creapure. I am looking to bulk up and i was wondering which creatine worked best for you


The one that lets me buy meat with the rest of the money.


creatine ethyl ester


Both the ones you linked contain Creapure as the first ingredient (which is high quality creatine monohydrate). So buy whichever one is cheaper. That appears to be the Allmax.


micronized creatine monohydrate, ethyl ester was alright, kre-alkalyn did absolutely nothing for me


x2 works great for me, get the pills as meant to be disgusting in powder form

Concret/creatine hcl works well but expensive


Sorry :confused: but I really feel like I have to x0 these. There is only one way to chemically synthesize creatine and the result of this process is creatine monohydrate. All these other kinds of creatine started out as monohydrate until someone in a lab fucked with them. The end result is more expensive and less effective than the creatine monohydrate powder it started as.

These other kinds may work for people, and they may feel like they're making great gains, but scientifically, creatine monohydrate is a proven supplement, and there are exactly zero actual studies that show any other kind of creatine as being superior.


Best to keep it simple. Effective and simple.



There is no quantitative data that shows any brand is better, that the ethyl esters are better, any of that nonsense. Anyone who's saying 'this one's better than that one, i prefer this, blah blah blah' doesn't have their head on straight. Anecdotal evidence is not evidence. sooooo X2 for KAKNO!!!!

FTR, I LOL at people who say they can actually tell the difference between creatine brands in their bodies. Fucking. Ridiculous.