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The Best Cardio After Weights?


What is the best form of cardio to do after weight training? Intervals (bike, treadmill etc), some steady state or bodyweight metabolic exercises. Just looking to add about 10-15 mins. thanks.


Depends on your goals.

If the goal is maximum size/strength, just do 30-45 minutes of steady state. I'm quite partial to walking on a treadmill at about 15 degrees, somewhere between 2.2-2.5 MPH, but I'm also cutting. I'd probably slow it down / decrease the length a bit when gaining.


There's studies that show that GH levels are higher if you do cardio AFTER training, but i wouldnt do more than 20 mins.

You trying to cut?


Yes trying to cut..so what would be ideal for that?


IMHO, the best cardio after weight is NO cardio.
If you're trying to cut, I'd just go to the gym, lift some weights, and the go home and let your diet do the rest.

No form of cardio will make up for a poor diet.
Cardio messes with the endicrine environment for building/maintaining muscle mass.
90% of the people would be better off just dropping it. But you have to make sure your diet is in order.

Srew crossfit, by the way...


Agree... kind of.

Honestly, to the OP, do Fasted Morning Cardio for a while.

Don't eat fats + carbs 4-5 hours prior to sleep. Wake up in the morning, chug 8-12 oz of water, and go do some intense walking for 45-60 minutes.

Watch fat peel away.

Watch strength stay the same.

Thank Dante later.


I do cardio myself from time to time. But I wouldn't do it year round and not in the beginning of a diet.

If I try to cut in, lets say, 16 weeks, I'd go without cardio for at least the first 6 weeks and just make sure my workouts as well as my diet are perfect. From week 7 I might add some cardio, but mainly for a higher energy turnover rate and only if I fatloss has stuck.

I'm mot a big fan of fasted cardio, since it's just too catabolic. If have no problem with doing it in a semi-fasted state, i.e. first thing in the morning, but with 15 grams of whey protein and something like 10 BACC tabs 20 minutes before the session.

I do recommend more NEPA for the higher energy turnover rate without messing with my hormones.


this works!


I can't stand doing more then 10 minutes of cardio on one thing, i'll usually mix it up with plyometrics or interval training.


Also the last LAST thing i want to do after a workout is do running lol.

Good god no thanks !


ParagonA.... what's NEPA?


Non exercise physical activity.


Something like walking.

Stands for non exercise physical activity.


NEPA stands for Non-Exercise Physical Activity


Hmmm. Can you explain this a touch further? In other words, what exactly does cardio do to the endocrine system that in turn negatively affects muscle mass? Thanks.


NEPA is from the V-Diet. It basically means that you walk around for a half hour or so for some extra calorie burning, like at a mall or a track or something.

But OP, If you REALLY want to cut up, look up CT's Metabolic Pairings. they strip off the fat like no one's business. Hold on ill give you a link:


For some reason, people never seem to mention this when people ask about cutting up.

Basically, You're building up lactic acid with the first exercise, and Pumping it through your system with a hear-skyrocketing 2nd exercise, therefore stripping your body of fat.

About 8 months ago i was 15% and wanted to cut down to 10% and this worked like crazy along with regular cardio. The drop from 15 to 10 took about 6-7 weeks.

2 days a week do some HIIT - 20 mins
3 days a week do some steady state cardio - 30 mins
Every other day do the metabolic pairings.

You'll feel like you're gonna die, but that means that it's working.

And make sure you're in a caloric deficit. IE if you're maintenance calories are 3000 per day, eat only 2500.


Running suicides (shuttle runs?) for 10 to 15 minutes
Jumping rope
Running hills

I personally prefer running suicides but switching up the methods (running, skipping, high knee running, butt kick running).

Jumping rope I usually do for about 20 minutes, starting with 100 double unders, and moving to regular jumps and repeat the 100 double unders on the 5 minute marks.

Running hills: the steeper the better.





That is all


If its just 10-15mins your looking to add, Id ignore any kind of dedicated cardio. Just increase the intensity/ volume of your current workout. 10-15mins of steady state or hiit isn't going to match a solid hour of intense lifting.


The best cardio is the one you don't hate :slightly_smiling:

I've been skipping for 2-3 songs after my workouts. After deadlifts or squats it can be tricky with coordination but it's not unpleasant.

I agree with SSC though.