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The Best Bulking/Recomp Diet for Carnivore/Zero Carb?

Hey guys,

Im fairly familiar with zero carb already and have been doing it on again off again for a few months now. Ive never been able to stick to it that closely simply because I know not what exactly to eat for my goals (lazy excuse I know). For a long time I was simply sticking to ground beef and eggs at least 3 times a day but I believe my body began to reject it or something as it became difficult to keep it down after a while without eliciting a gag reflex on me. Thus I thought I would need some variety of some kind otherwise I feel like my body would reject the same meal 3-4 times a day.

My goals mainly are to gain a considerable amount of muscle mass and tone and to get rid of the extra fat Im holding on to that makes me seem undefined. Perhaps even become a bodybuilder. So far however I have not come across any good carnivore meal plans for that goal in specific despite searching high and low for one thus I guess Im just going to ask. Anyone out there can provide some help?

Sooo… you decided to go zero carb/carnivore?

What is bulking/recomp?

Yeah thats what the thread title says?

That is Bulking or Recomposition.

You would be better off eating a healthy diet that you can sustain long term. Focus on eating a protein and a vegetable or fruit with every meal. How much you need depends on activity level etc. I’ve read to start out with 3 meals like that and increase as needed.

An all meat diet will cause defencies if kept long term imo, without proper supplementation via vitamins etc.

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Well I started after hearing how it can help considerably mentally as I wished to help curb some of the psychological problems I am experiencing. Of course I just wish to lose fat and build muscle as well. I feel sticking to this for the foreseeable future is best for now.

-My point was that you had negative effects from lack of variety and now you are jumping on perhaps the most restrictive diet out there.

-I know what they stand for but, your post suggest you think you are going to add significant muscle while losing fat, not going to happen. Pick a goal at stick to it. When eating to gain muscle you will gain fat.

Yeah you need carbs for this, no two ways about it.

Whatever you decide to do get some vegetables/greens in for basic health if nothing else

That makes sense. A lot of people do find benefits for things like depression and anxiety. My own suggestion would be to focus on your psychological health for now while adapting to the diet. There is a free 30 day guide to the carnivore diet by Kevin Stock with helpful advice on common issues that is easy to find online. Generally, eat when you are hungry, and don’t worry about eating 3 meals a day while adapting if you are not hungry then. Most people go down to two meal a day, and many end up at one or a very narrow feeding window. You’ll probably lean out some.

After you have adapted and you get used to eating large amounts of beef consistently, and probably have lost some fat, you can work on building more muscle. Kevin Stock also has a blog post on how to build muscle on the carnivore diet, but the upshot is that you will eat more beef. On carnivore there is not really much more to say about a bulking diet. It is just more of the same. So the bulking plan is to eat a bit more meat each day than what you eat to maintain or lose weight. How much is impossible to say without knowing a lot more about you, including how much you are currently eating and how you are responding to that amount. If you are not gaining weight when you want to, increase your beef intake by .25-.5 lbs/day. If a few weeks of that still isn’t producing increased weight, then increase consumption again, and continue until you find the amount that you need to drive growth. Creatine helps. Liver is a truly fantastic carnivore source of a ton of micronutrients. Obviously your training has to be appropriate to your goals.

Good luck.