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The Best Biotest Supplement

[quote]rainjack wrote:
Geez - Why can’t I be the ass of the thread just once?


“…Just ONCE?”!!! Uh, well, because you already have been so many other times. Maybe that FIRST time, but now it’s more than “just once.”

Just kiddin’

Classic Grow!
You mix that stuff with natural PB and you have desert. Desert: always the best supplement for those of us <200lbs.


I’ll go one further and rank all the Biotest supplements that I’ve ever used.

  1. Surge
  2. Low-Carb Grow!
  3. Grow! Bars
  4. Grow!
  5. Power Drive
  6. ZMA
  8. M

Surge is king. I work out before work and every time I work after taking in an inferior product for PWO (due to Surge shortage or whatever), I feel like utter crap.

Grow! are the best protein products. It broke my heart when the bar was discounted, glad to see it back. Low-Carb moved from #4 to #2, it’s MUCH better to me than it was before.

Power Drive hits me in the head, but sometimes I feel like it just makes me kinda desensitized and doesn’t really help all that much with training intensity. That’s just me, might work better with other people.

ZMA is ZMA, Biotest’s is very low-priced so might as well include a $9 bottle with my monthly orders.

TRIBEX and M are outstanding products, but pretty pricey and what I get in return didn’t justify the price that I paid for them. In a TRIBEX/M cycle, I got occasional boners for no reason and the occasional aggressive/impulsive outburst, but felt like ZMA was doing enough for my testosterone levels.

No.1 would be Surge, but a close second in my opinion would be Ribose-C Biotest’s old liquid creatine they no longer make.

I also love Alpha Male/TRIBEX for it’s ability to help prevent overtraining. Read “Putting TRIBEX to the Test Part II” by JB as to way.

I was just looking for the overall best based results of the product. It didn’t matter what your goals were at the time. Like I said earlier, HOT-ROX didn’t work as well as I would have hoped. Surge would probably work for me a little better. I appreciate all of the feedback and was just looking to spark a little dialogue and an HONEST discussion. We all love T-Nation and Biotest products but some of the products may not be worth the money spent. However, since they’ve cut out the middle man and allow us to buy direct the prices are so much more affordable. Thanks again guys.

[quote]jwdolaniii wrote:
I appreciate everyone’s feedback. Anyone have personal experience with Methoxy-7? Based on what I’ve read an order for Surge is a must. Any thoughts Methoxy-7 in addition?[/quote]

It’s handy for leaning out if you don’t have any 4-AD-EC.


Surge, laters pk