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The Best Beta-7 Stack?


Have just received my first order of Beta-7 and would appreciate some guidance re which supps it is best to stack it with. I currently take Flameout, BCAAs and Hot-Rox Extreme. I dont want or need any more mass rather want to get stronger and leaner, but am confused as to whether I should remove any of the supps listed or add others. e.g Would a whey protein supp be better than the BCAAs? Will the HOT-ROX have a negative or detracting effect on the Beta-7? Apologies for my lack of knowledge.



Reading the info on the supplements you buy goes a long way. If you had read the BETA-7 thread, which happens to be a sticky on the top of most discussed topics area, you would pretty much have all your answers.

Best supplement to stack it with is creatine.
Flameout and BCAAs are good all the time and should be a staple in everyones supplement arsenal in my opinion.

I don't know about HOT-ROX, but I imagine it has no ill effect. This would be a good question for the BETA-7 thread.


Flameout, never remove it if at all possible. It's a good health sup. BCAA's should also never be removed at least around training at a minimum. They are like a good protein powder which gives you the raw materials to build or keep muscle. BETA-7 is fine to stack with any other product, it's not going to counter act anything and will only enhance any other stack you might be on whether it's HOT-ROX or full blown steroids.

If you read the article and understand it the product increases muscular endurance which will equate to more reps which leads to more muscle/strength.

Hope this helps,



Thanks a lot for the responses, greatly appreciated.