The Best Band You've Never Heard Of...

Hey boys,
Music tends to be a topic of conversation from time to time so I thought I’d due you all a favor and clue you into my fave band.
BIG WRECK! If you like Zepplin, The Who, Supertramp and all that 70’s Cock and Balls rock then you’ll love these guys. There’s a strong cult following up here in Canada but apparently little exposure in the states.
The Pleasure and the Greed is their new one (2001) and In Loving Memory Of… is there first (1997). Both truly brilliant rock albums. Check them out.

Danny Gatton & his band is the best band you’ve never heard of. <-period

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. The best
jazz/funk/bluegrass/reggae/whatever band
out there. Their ‘Live Art’ album is worth
every penny. These guys are astounding
virtuosos on their instruments: banjo,
electric bass, electric drums (aka the
Synthaxe Drumitar), saxophones. Holy
crap are they smokin’ musicians!

Drax, I’m up for a debate here. Make you a deal, I’ll check out Danny Gatton if you check out Big Wreck. What do you say?

Danny Gaton is the best guitarst I’ve ever heard. Ok I’ll check out Big Wreck on Morpheus or whatever. I forgot about Bela Fleck & the Flecktones though. I heard a solo by the bassist & was blown away.

Yeah, Victor Wooten, from Bela Fleck just came through my town. Mad I missed him.

How about h is orange?! Lead singer is Sam Nelson. His dad is the one & only Rick Nelson! Check them out, they rock!

Hey I’ve heard Blown Wide Open & That Song (that one rocks) before! I hear them sometimes on the radio (TheQ in Victoria fyi). Off WinMX I also got Under the Lighthouse, The Oaf & Inhale they’re all good. Those are probably their biggest ones, right? I don’t listen to anything while training & I listen to Bach when doing homework so I don’t listen to much but even I recognised Big Wreck.

Here’s my list of killer Danny Gatton stuff: Nit Pickin, Fingers on Fire & Orange Blossom Medley. In that last one, it seems like he’s trying to lose the bassist & drummer on purpose, but they keep up anyway & then he plays Orange Blossom Special (on a GUITAR!). Good slower ones are In My Room, Pretty Blue, Georgia On My Mind & Sky King.


Just reviving an old post…

Big Wreck is coming through Victoria on Tues. Apr. 2nd @ Legends. Check the show out if you get the chance. Live is the best way to see these guys. Hope you can make it. BigRob.

You’re in Victoria?!?! I thought I was the only T-Man in town! :slight_smile:

Queen and VanHalen (BEFORE Sammy). Period.

Naw dude, I’m in T.O. I was looking at the tour dates on BW’s website and saw the Victoria date @ Legends. Thought you might want to check them out.
My ex-girlfriend is moving to Victoria and seeing as we’re still close, I’ll let you know if I get out there.
Go to the Big Wreck show! You’ll dig these guys for sure! I have Danny Gatton on my list of things to check out. Thanks for the heads up. Always looking for new stuff.