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The Best And Worst Training Advice You Ever Got?

There seems little doubt that lack of sufficient feedings (amount and frequency) is usually very lacking in those who consider themselves as “hardgainers”. And sure they are correct. It is “hard” to “gain” muscle if you are not adequately feeding the muscle.


Moving this to the flame free thread so this one doesn’t get derailed.

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I posted about this in the bad cues section, but the worst advice I’ve ever had was the guy who first told me to arch my back on squats. Fucked me up for years.

The best lifting advice is something I’ve posted about several times, especially recently. “Don’t pin your shoulders back.” Thanks again, Paul Carter. The amount of “cues” that you hear all the time that SUCK is staggering.

The best training advice - meaning general training advice - came from my Senior Drill Instructor at boot camp. Dude had been on 6 combat deployments and was blown up badly enough that he was told he may never walk again, BEFORE becoming a drill instructor (which involves going through a school 3x tougher than boot camp), and he sat us all down at the end of a day where we were worked until about half of us vomited, and said, “Ain’t nobody can slay you like you can slay yourself.”

Might seem kind of bland and unexciting, but it was a real eye opener for me. So many people need music, or a training partner, or their preworkout, or their intra-workout carbs, or 8 hours of sleep, or a cool environment, or whatever the hell it is, but it’s all bullshit - it’s just YOU stopping yourself, when that set or workout or run or whatever it is comes to an end. He was telling us that no matter who is in charge, we are always in control of how hard we work.

It helps me keep a good perspective on things. I’m working overtime, raising 2 kids, and going to school while training, and while I know those are mitigating factors in the intensity I can put forward, I always have it in my head that when I’m taking it easy or reducing some workload, it’s because I choose to do that, not because I have to.


Best quote ever.

I’ve read that most people stop a set at 40% of their capability. Somewhere in their brain, it’s telling them to stop. Maybe has to do with leaving something in the tank in case you have to fight a bear.

But the real challenge is to work past your own mental limitations.

I need to remind myself after every set.


Edgy mate

If you’re(not you personally as I wouldn’t expect such big girls blouse training from a fellow ginger) stopping at 40% of your capacity then you deserve to be beaten to a pulp.

Seriously people, take a trip to the dark place and get your passport for Rep City.

High rep bodyweight is pure unadulterated terrorism.

You’ll never look at weights in the same light again


You’re a true warrior man. One of the hardest working on here


I appreciate that, coming from someone who’s currently out working me by a mile, haha


Worst: Don’t train like men do.

Best: Train how strong folks do. (Principle wise, that is.)


The most bad advice I used to hear from my friends was that I should stop eating in order to lose weight. :unamused:

Or a bear sized goose.


“ don’t major in the minors “

“ there is a hierarchy of needs, and if you’re not worrying about the most basic stuff, don’t waste your time with the toppings“

“ if you don’t keep track what you’re doing, you won’t be able to assess if it’s working or not “

“ don’t change multiple variables at the same time, or you won’t be able to attribute which one has had any noticeable affect quote




  • You don’t need to work your arms or your shoulders.

  • Really milk your linear progression, don’t jump off it too early or you waste gains, keep grinding 3x5

  • You get enough cardio from lifting aforementioned 3x5s



I have this mental thing where, no matter how slow I’m running, I can’t hold a conversation

Breathing through your nose would also work

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The nose breathing was an absolute gamechanger

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Great post. Still remember all my D.I.'s vividly. Absolute savages.

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I genuinely thought people were joking when I first read about this. Perhaps they were mocking noob roid users. People whom have any knowledge of how this sport works simply can’t be this stupid.

When I found out they were SERIOUS, I started wondering if it was because the idiots who started this nonsense read the roid forums and saw the various beginner questions on how to “milk my gainz on cycle”.

The latter would be a valid question since you’re in a constant, very heightened anabolic state for a limited period of time through the use of exogenous substances. How the fuck can you apply this to natties? You might as well go time your workouts and eating times according to your lh pulses.

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This is particularly bad stuff. Let’s take a typical bench scenario on everyone’s favourite novice LP program:

(Happily progressing over about 6 weeks)
Week 0: 60kg , last set was a killer but got there
Week 0: 61.25kg , failed that last set
Week 1: 61.25kg , failed that last set
Week 2: 61.25kg , just got that last set
Week 2: 62.5kg , failed that last set
Week 3: 62.5kg , failed that last set
Week 4: 62.5kg, failed that last set, reset time
Week 4: 55kg, ahhh decent lifting at last
Week 5: 56.25kg easy money
Week 6: 57.5, start a bit of grinding but got it
Week 6: 58.75, just like the other session
Week 7: 60kg, ahhh crap basically like week 0
Week 8: 61.25kg, frig failed last set
Week 9: 61.25kg, cool I got it
Week 10: 62.5kg, nope
Week 10: 62.5kg, nope
Week 11: 62.5kg, yes! Got it
Week 12: 63.75kg nope
Week 12: 63.75kg nope
Week 13: 63.75kg nope, reseto
Week 14 - another two three weeks to get back where you were and Failing again

Now you are ready for ‘intermediate’ programming

So you end up spending 4 months adding a measly 2.5kg and the 4 months are just brutal training.

And people call this optimal without sarcasm. This is why I tell people if you are going to do these, stop before you start failing sets and get onto a new program. The 3 attempts to fail and then three resets before moving on is total horsehit and will only make you hate lifting


[quote=“strongmangoals, post:98, topic:274200”] you end up spending 4 months adding a measly 2.5kg and the 4 months are just brutal training.

This might be true for a new lifter. But flip this around to someone who has been lifting for a long time and a 2.5kg improvement on bench might seem acceptable :wink:

You obviously didn’t DTP, noob. Never heard of micro plates?

GOMAD for you from now on!

Seriously, milking beginner gainz and GOMAD are so ripe for puns I’m surprised there hasn’t been a shitload of them circulating already.

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