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The best aerobic exercize

Fellow T-men (and women) what is according to you the best aerobic exercize for losing fat (besides getting laid!). Are the ‘floating striders’ also any good? Thanx.

The best fat burning exercise? Pushing away from the supper table!

The best aerobic exercise? That’s an easy one and can be said in three words: GERMAN BODY COMP!!!

Yeah I think diet really plays the biggest role although shorter rest periods between sets and some cardio will do a lot. I would rather do intense sessions of cardio like running for short periods rather than going at that damn elliptical thingy for half an hour. That is if I bothered with much cardio at all.

Swim. Notice, even before juice became “popular”, ALL olympic swimmers were well-built and very lean (a little bit of subcutaneous fat to insulate them, but overall, not too bad!).

Cross Country Skiing. Those guys are in better shape than marathoners. As for swimming, the water can actually help you maintain body fat.

I think that the short, intense burst thing is definitely better - for example, compare sprinters vs. distance runners. I’ve seen my share of marathoners who can go 20+ miles without stopping, yet they carry around 15% bodyfat and have crappy muscle definition due to the fact that…they don’t have any more muscle than their body needs to get the job done! Now, look at sprinters - fast, powerful, and ripped to the bone from doing short duration, quick-burst training. A marathon runner will probably put in more time training by actually running in a single week than a sprinter will in an entire month, and who has the better physique for it?

Just my bit on this matter.


Thanx for the advice fellow T-men. But, i also heard that you need atleast 30 min to even start losing fat with an aerobic exercise (20 in the morning). How does this compare to doing short bursts. I do wish to lose some fat before the summer. I want to do it slooowly, because i also plan to add atleast 20lbs extra lean muscle. I currently wheigh 230+lbs at 6.1. I also really like the physique’s of sprinters, anyone rembers Linford Christie? He was HUGE in his best days.

Road biking! Not cruising around the block biking, but real cycling - sprints, hills. Easy on the joints, and you can burn 800 calories an hour withut having to look like Lance. I’ve found that a thousand good miles burns off 10 lbs.