The Best Ab Exercises?

what does everyone think the best ab excersises are?

Overhead Squats!

front squat, deadlift

For isolation I would say either hanging leg raise or weighted decline crunch.

Cable Crunch (standing or kneeling)
Hanging Leg Raise (regular or with a twist), doing these back to back is great.

For obliques I like Overhead Side Bends and medicine ball rotations done rapidly, although I admit I still haven’t found that perfect oblique exercise

I like
Cable Crunches
Hanging Leg raise
Cable Side Bend

I plan on trying
Turkish Get ups

medicine ball blast:

decline bench, crunch with enough power to throw the ball in the air and catch it at the top of the movement

Hanging windshieldwipers: - YouTube

an ab roller as all you need

running or squats and military presses without a belt.


hanging leg raises are the best

deadlifts and squats will do it too.

I like any overhead presses without a belt/back support and leg raises

[quote]bmitch wrote:
crunch machine[/quote]

fuck me, crunch machines lol… i just wear 5lbs ankle weights on each leg and bring the knees to chest while upper body doing the sit up motion, whats this called? anyways this gave me very good results, even seratus anterior became very prominent.

search button does it for me

I like decline, hanging leg lifts & crunches with feet off ground and knees 90 degrees bent. Keep your abs tight the entire time you do any and I find it produces better results.

Low cable crunches from a decline bench without the knees too high and barely curling your shoulders off the bench with as much weight as you can do for sets of 12 to 15. I shit you not.

Roman Chair Russian Twists.
Roman Chair Weighted Sit-ups.
Roman Chair Sideways Sit-Ups.

The Exercises done on the Roman Chair
or the GHR are excellent because they
really put you at the mercy of unfavorable leverage. The Russian Twists have the added benefit of forcing you to hold an isometric position while you rotate.

All of the Competitive Lifts except
the Bench Press are also good, but they
aren’t Trunk Isolation Exercises.

For myself I’d put front squats ahead of overhead squats just because most of the challenge for me with overhead squats is keeping shoulder stability.

Heavy Dumbbell Side Bends, Hanging Leg Raises, and Some other Stuff are great if you don’t have a Roman Chair or a GHR

[quote]KrayzieD wrote:
Hanging windshieldwipers: - YouTube


That looks badass, I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow…I don’t even think I can do it, but I’ve got to try.

[quote]KrayzieD wrote:
Hanging windshieldwipers: - YouTube [/quote]

I can see some excellent “owned” videos coming from this…

Ab wheel, planks, and rope crunches.

Don’t under estimate Good Mornings.

For iso stuff: db side bends, double crunch stuff and reverse crunch