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The Bertuzzi

What are your thoughts on the Bertuzzi hit - what kind of action do you think the NHL should take?

give him a suspension, the police should get the hell out of it though. He deserves to be punished but it shouldnt destroy his career.

well, makes ya think back to mcsorely, he got the rest of the season, but even though the situations were similar, i think the slash to the head was a lot more dangerous than a punch and jumpin on him, intent to injure the guy a little more. He’ll get at least the rest of the regular season, doubtful if he’ll be in for the playoffs, guess it’ll depend on the legal issues he’s in now too. That’s not hockey, it’s garbage, bertuzzi is garbage, and i think havin him suspended for the rest of the year is a good call by the league. Also a chance for the league to set a bit of an example. Wasn’t a huge loss when mcsorely was gone, this would show it doesn’t matter who you are, ya ain’t gonna get away with garbage like this.

oh yeah, i dunno bout the police involvement either, i’m still kinda debating the idea with myself, but i don’t like seeing the police getting involved in the hockey. Same with the mcsorely, not sure if i agreed with that part of that either, so i’m leanin towards thinkin that the police should just stay out of it

The simple fact that people are concerned about the police getting involved shows the level of socialism present. You can’t even play sports anymore without having the cops show up. Was it a cheap shot? Sure. Life’s a bitch. If you don’t like it, don’t play hockey.

What’s next? We’ll call the cops if someone gets hurt period, right? Oh gee, so-in-so bumped them and they went down and it caused an injury. Welcome to sports.

It was assault. Crashing into each other and the other rough shit that goes on is just hockey. Coming up from behind and punching the guy, knocking him down, and piling on him is not hockey. If they weren’t wearing skates they’d have fit right in among the prisoners having a riot in “the yard”.

Why should the assault rules change because the guys are playing hockey? Should that apply to curling too? Oops, no skates there. Is it the ice or the skates that make the assault part of the game that shouldn’t have police interference? If a baseball, basketball, lacrosse, or soccer player did something similar would it just be part of the sport?

I can see it now…a biathalon guy gets pissed and shoots a fellow competitor in the heat of the moment. Sure, it’s only a .22 and the guy is involved in a sport after all. Why call in the cops for something like that?

He’s a pussy, a flat out pussy. he’s the enforcer of the team, and he can only sucker punch someone. Pathetic. I guess he was afraid that he couldn’t handle the other guy straight up.
But hockey is a contact sport, and it was a freak accident, so if they do call in the police, it has to bringa bout a fundamental change in hockey to a more gentlemanly game.
If they won’t go that far, then he needs to be suspended for at least 1 season.

I was not assault. And I hate when everytime an incident like this occurs you get people saying “What’s next? Bring in a gun?” If you can’t see that there are gray areas here then you’re not thinking straight to begin with. Was it fair/legal/ethical? Hell no. He was an enforcer and cheap shot a guy who he shouldn’t have even bothered with. Should police get involved? No. It was a freak accident. I’m sure Bertuzzi wanted to hurt him, but do you think for a second he planned on ending a guys carrer? Do you thing Bertuzzi doesn’t feel terrible? Quit the A+B=D reasoning. Just because this happened doesn’t mean the next thing is going to have players carring guns/knives/clubs. Let the league deal with it, suspend/expel Bertuzzi, and move on.

Well said Lucid. Although Bertuzzi had honourable intentions in seeking retribution for his teammate, he made a bad decision which led to an unfortunate chain of events. He is one of the top players in the NHL and it is ashame to have his career scarred by this single incident. As for Moore, I hope he makes a speedy/full recovery;he didn’t deserve that outcome.

Freak accidents are when two guys collide, a football player does a legal hit, or some other thing happens and someone gets seriously hurt. My daughter was at an Avalanche game last week when two guys collided and hit the boards. One guy probably won’t play again, ever. That was a freak accident.

Punching someone from behind isn’t part of any sport I know of. Punching is only part of the martial arts and so in those types of sports I could see it being a part of the sport and a freak accident.

He might not have intended to injure the guy as bad as he was but he certainly intended harm because anyone that’s been around the block half way knows what the potential damage from a punch is. Punching someone is an intentional act designed to bring about some harm to the target person. It’s not blocking a shot, it’s not trying to score, it’s not even part of the damn game.

I didn’t allude to hockey players using guns but in some sports people do use guns. So if they’re the “enforcer” on the skeet team it’s OK to pop the guy next to them? It is a sport after all. It’s only natural that a guy’s going to get a little hot and want some payback from time to time, even if he’s not playing hockey.

Shooting the other skeet shooter is as much part of the sport as punching another hockey, or basketball, or any other kind of player…it’s not.

Show me an NHL rule that describes which type of punches are acceptable and which aren’t like they have for boxing and I’ll beleive it’s part of the sport.

OK, I like(d) Bertuzzi. He kicks ass, one of the best power forwards in the league. I am(was?) a big fan of the guy…

On the other hand, he just BROKE SOME GUYS SPINE. He sucker punched him, then tackled him to the ground with his stick pressed against the guys neck, breaking his neck, giving him a concussion, and forcing him out of the game on a stretcher. That is F*CKING BRUTAL!

He should be suspended for the rest of the year, MINIMUM. The hockey rink is not a free-zone where you can do whatever the fck you want - there are rules.

Assault? Yes, it was an assault. That shit has no place in the game of hockey. Bertuzzi is a f*ing idiot. He let down his team, his coach, his fans, the other players, the game of hockey, himself, his family, and pretty much everyone else. IMHO He should be charged.

I’m not a big soccer fan but the game is played in a similar fashion, right? Similar positions, goal tender, net etc.
So when/if a soccer player intentionaly and brutally assaults another player and it results in a likely case of nuerological damage both in the spine and brain, how can that be argued that it’s “part of soccer”? Ultimate Fighting maybe. Otherwise it’s first degree assault. Open up any criminal law book and read the chapter on “assaults against the person”. Black and white.

Bertuzzi’s a dick.This was WAY worse than the McSorley incident.McSorley tried to hit Brashear on the shoulder but it came up too high, glanced off his shoulder and hit his head.The stick knocked him down but he got the concussion from his head hitting the ice.
He should be suspended for a season.No police should be involved.What’s next, assault charges for elbowing?

It was assault, because it had no place in hockey, and is indistinguishable from “jumping” someone at a local bar. Charge him and make him sit for a few months in jail, or at least do public service (probably the latter).

If Bertuzzi wanted to go at it with the guy, all he had to do was drop his gloves, face his man and go for it. What he did was known as “workplace rage” and is, IMHO, criminal in nature. In hockey its known as pure cowardice. NEVER attack someone from behind!

Hockey is a great game, and fighting will probably always be part of it. I’m cool with that, as long as it’s done with respect for the game.

What Bertuzzi did makes me sick. I’m glad the Isles got rid of his sorry ass!


the guy deserved it and there is no way it was worse than the mcsorely hit, he whacked the fucker in the side of the head with his stick. if anything that deserves more police attention than this.

i was on the recieving end of a high stick to the face last season, and just last saturday I did almost the exact same thing to a kid that Bertuzzi did. About a minute before the kid had cross checked me twice, once in the throat knocking me down. So the next face off I grabbed him and socked him in the face and he fell down and turtled. Am I proud of that, not really. Am I sittin out a couple games, yeah 2. But the kid that slashed me in the face on purpose only got 1 game and that kid got nothing for cross-checking me in the throat. The Bertuzzi mugging was in retaliation for a hit that Moore had put on Naslund in a game earlier in the season that injured him. The problem is that the retaliation should have been in that gam e and not when it happened the other day. Yeah that guy is hurt real bad, but so was Naslund after his hit. I highly doubt Todd wanted to put that guy in the hospital just like Moore didn’t want to injure Naslund.

The verdict is in: Suspended for remainder of season and playoffs, eligibility reexamined before start of next season, Canucks fined $250k.


“We want to make clear that this type of conduct will not be tolerated in the NHL,” league vice president Colin Campbell said
in a statement.

he BROKE THE GUYS NECK with a cowardly cheap shot, i dont remember that black guy who got hit with a stick having his neck broken.

authorities should step in, he ruined a players life. it would be different if he had broken his neck in a face 2 face fight… but not this…

same kind of thing with the rudy tomjonovich crap, the guy cheap shot him and broke his entire skull, i remember him going to prison.


Did he mean to do that much damage? Of course not. But what the f$%k was he thinking?

How the hell do you guys justify jacking a guy from behind, knocking him face first to the ice, driving your stick into the back of his neck, fracturing his skull and breaking his spine an approved form of ‘old school’ hockey retaliation?

If you want to pull the ‘that’s hockey’ bulls#!* then remember this…if Bertuzzi had pulled this in any other contact sport his ass would most likely be in jail or out on bond.

You take care of retaliations in the game an incident occurs and you do it face to face, not from behind like some street thug.
If you can’t figure that out, you don’t know jack about hockey and you are a f*#@ing coward.

I’ve played, I’ve retaliated and been on the other end of a retaliation. I love the game and love the traditions, good and ugly. But what kind of f#$cked up hockey are you guys playing up there these days that you find this acceptable?

Bertuzzi best think about another career. If and when he steps on the ice again there will be teamates and friends out there of Steve Moore’s that unfortuneatley will be waiting to return the favor.

What everybody has failed to mention is the fact that Marc Crawford, Vancouver’s coach, actually placed a bounty on Moore’s head before the game started. Bullshit to letting his coach down, he did exactly what he wanted him to do. Like Barry Melrose said on ESPN yesterday, he did the right thing but definitely in the wrong way. If you’re gonna sucker someone at least be face to face with the guy.