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The Benfica Project

Enough fucking around, time to get somewhere.

Why the Benfica project? Benfica are a portuguese football team whose initials, SLB, are the same as my goals; be Stronger, be Leaner, be Bigger. Plus i’m a sucker for a hook.

Establishing where i’m at this week and then down to business next week.

Yesterday’s training:

Flat Bench
110kgx1 PR
112.5x1 PR

DB Bench
20kg DBsx10
26kg DBsx10
32kg DBsx8
40kg DBsx6

Cable flys

Face pulls

Arms superset

Massive PR today. Best squat beforehand was 142.5kg, today hit 155kg so very happy with that especially after hitting a shit tonne of sets.

Played around with form quite a bit, ultimately stuck with high bar but moved my hands out a bit, felt much better

110kg x 1 x 6sets
120kg x 1 x 2sets
127.5kg x 1 x 2sets
135kg x 1 x 3 sets
140kg x 1
145kg x 1 PR
150kg x 1 PR
155kg x 1 PR

Good Mornings

Back raises


Catching up on some more of last weeks testing:

Push Press
70kg x 1
75kg x 1
80kg x 1
85kg x 1
90kg x 1 PR

Strict Press
60kg x 5 x 2 sets
65kg x 5
67.5kg x 5 PR

DB Lateral Raises

Hammer Strength Pulldowns

Rear Delt Flys

Front Squats
80kg x 2
85kg x 2
90kg x 2
95kg x 2

150kg x1
160kg x 1
170kg x 1
180kg x 1
187.5kg x 1

That was all for this day

I don’t want to be negative, but Benfica lost all the trophies in the final game, in the last minutes, so I think it would be better to chance the nome of the thread, if you want to succeed. Plus the forward, Cardozo, hitted the coach last game. And finally, they’re a shit Club.

Good luck with everyrhing, though

Lol I’m not going to let their success determine mine, but ultimately they’re the most successfull club in portuguese history I believe, and isn’t that what we should all be striving for; long-term success and consistency? I’m more of a porto fan anyway :wink:

Im not the “butt-wink police”, but there is some butwinking going on with your front squats.

Uncle Bird.


I’ll subscribe just because you are a Porto fan. They were passed by Porto in the number of trophies a copule of years ago, that’s why i didn’t agree that much with the thread name, besides hating Benfica. The last couple of years they haven’t being very consistent, that’s more a Porto quality at the moment.
It’s also good to have someone that writes in kilos

[quote]theBird wrote:
Im not the “butt-wink police”, but there is some butwinking going on with your front squats.

Uncle Bird.


Hmmm, i never feel like i’m losing my arch and tucking under, if nothing else it’s reminded me that i’ve been slacking on my mobility work and need to get back on top of that so thanks!

Hit some back work over the weekend;

Pull ups

Barbell rows from the floor

Band rows

Db hammer curls

Benched today and hit another pr of 95kg x 5. Will get that uploaded later on

75kg x 5
80kg x 5
85kg x 5
90kg x 5
95kg x 5 PR

Close Grip Floor Press
70kg x 5
80kg x 5
85kg x 5
90kg x 4 PR

Press Ups
Rest Pause style 25, 7, 4

Face Pulls 1.5 reps
16.25kg x 10
21.25kg x 10
23.75kg x 10
26.25kg x 10
16.25kg x 15 dropset

EZ Bar Curl/Floor Tricep Extension Superset
Bar +15kg x 12/15
Bar +20kg x 12/15
Bar +25kg x 10/12
Bar +30kg x 8/8

Catch up from last weeks training:


130kg x 1 x 12 sets (1min rest between sets)

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
40kg x 10 each leg
50kg x 10 each leg
55kg x 8 each leg

Back raises
10kg x 15, 12, 10

Knees to chest
15, 10, 10


Paused Bench (1 min rest between sets)
80kg x 3 x 6 sets

Banded Bench (red minibands) (1 min rest between sets)
40kg +bands x 3 x 4 sets

Push Press
62.5kg x 5
67.5kg x 5
72.5kg x 5
77.5kg x 5

Lateral raises
10kg dbs x 50total reps

Hammer strength front pulldown
25kg x 10
35kg x 10
40kg x 10
45kg x 10
50 kg x 6

Band pullaparts x100 total reps

Was meant to front squat and deadlift but groin and hamstring completely seized up. Tried a few things but couldn’t get anything going so left it for today and went home

Chins variety of different grips 25 total reps

Rack pulls from mid shin
120kg x 5
130kg x 5
140kg x 5

Barbell rows from floor
60kg x 5
70kg x 6
75kg x 6
80kg x 6

Band rows 100 total reps

Hammer curls
14kgs x 10
20kgs x 12, 10, 10

Update from the past couple of weeks; hit a couple of prs including

Close grip floor press 90kgx5
Bench 115kgx1

Front squats 100kg x 3

Squats have felt horrible lately, everything feels off. Think my legs are just plain weak and naturally i try to shift everything onto my back and good morning it up, so going to take some time to hammer my legs and build some strength up there.

Deadlifts i’m starting to alternate weeks between conventional deads and rack pulls, and deficit deads and sumo deads

Moved back home and forgot how much more expensive parking and petrol is here than up at university so have begun cycling everywhere, its started to take quite a bit out of my legs as i’m now doing between 45 mins and an hour and a half pretty intense cycling every day depening on what i’ve got to get done that day.

Bought wendler’s beyond 5/3/1 and really like the look of it compared to the old 5/3/1 so going to give that a run.

Hit bench today

Trx facepull/med ball throw superset

Fcepulls 10x3sets
Medball throws 5x3sets


Training max 105kg

90kgx10 PR


Paused 67.5kgx5x3sets

Close grip bench/pull up superset


Pull ups 5x4sets

Push up on handles/face pull superset

Push ups 15, 10, 8
Face pulls 36kgx15, 50x15, 59x15

Hammer curls w/slow eccentric/ band pushdowns superset

Hammer curls 20kg x 8, 6, 5. 10kgx10 dropset
Band pushdowns 25x 3sets

Really happy with how bench went, never hit 90kg for more than 5 before, had targeted 8 reps, but got there and felt good so pushed 2 more out. Best set of 5 on the bench ive down is 97.5kg so to get 95 after 90x10 i was really happy with. Triceps were tired by the end of this. All in all, very happy with the start

Jumps 5x3 sets of various jumps


Taining max 130kg

110kgx12 PR


Paused 85x5x3sets

Db reverse lunges

20sx6 each leg
25sx6 each leg

Db rdls


Decline sit ups w/overhead raise
5kgx15x2 sets

Happy enough with today, still managing to hit 120 for 5 after my pr set and 115. Legs were dead after all the squatting so didn’t do too much assistance stuff

Edit: double post, yesterdays update wasnt showing until i reposted it today for some reason

Med ball throws 5 x 3sets

Overhead Press

Training max 65kg

55kgx11 PR


Push press
55kgx5, 5, 10

Db bench
(Shoulder was hurting so stopped these here)

Pull ups 6 x 4 sets

L-lateral raises
15s x 15 x 3sets
5sx15 strict

External rotation/lat pulldown w/added band

5sx12x3 / 41x12, 50x12, 59 x 12, 7, 6 rest pause

Trx face pulls alternated with trx rear selt flys
2 sets of 10 on each

Little bit of catching up;

Various jumps

Paused front squats w/ upto 80kg x 5


Training max 170kg

110kg x 5
127.5kg x 5
145kg x 8

150kg x 5

110kg x 5 x 3sets

Single leg hamstring curls w/upto 20kg x 12 each leg

Back raises 15 x 3sets

Planks 45secs x 3

Snatch grip high pulls

40kg x 5 x 2sets
50kg x 5 x 2sets
55kg x 3 x 2sets
60kg x 3 x 2sets

Barbell rows from floor

60kg x 6
65kg x 6
70kg x 6
75kg x 6

Db rows

24kg x 10
28kg x 10
32kg x 10
36kg x 20

Hammer strength pulldowns

4 sets of8

Lots and lots of curls