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The Benefits of Tea

I see green tea touted for its health benefits all the time, and many people here seem to swear by it. I love drinking green tea, but I also like other teas. Is there any reason not to drink black teas, oolong teas, white teas, etc? I’m a bit of a tea freak (I have over 20 different types of tea in my kitchen), so I don’t like the idea of limiting myself to green tea. Does it really make that much of a difference, or am I worrying about the minutia? Thanks.

I drink all kinds of tea all day.My bro in law is a doc.,he says…if its decaf,its about as hard on the kidneys and liver as water.Usually its 3-4 cups o joe in the morning,and then switch to decaf tea the rest of the day.
I would recommend trying every kind of tea you come across.Good stuff.

i mix in plenty of white tea as a change of pace. from everything i’ve read, it’s the most natural variety and it’s antioxidant levels are highest. i don’t think it has appreciable amounts of ECGC though.

All the teas in general are high in anti ox’s etc just that green tea is an exception being unusually high.

Their good stuff.

Tea( all tea! ) is so much better a beverage over anything else(well excluding water! hehe)!