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The benefits of Alcohol

Okay a couple of things. One is that the benefits of alcohol are not limited to red wine and those studies are older and do not take into account new research. Seriously read the article completely before you post, as I think it answers alot of questions that you may have. Also I am really confused how people in this forum can be so progressive when it comes to steroid use and the go after alcohol like they are a member of the temperance movement. Seriously moderation. If multiple studies back up the potential benefits of moderate drinking I will look at them and if they are not funded by Old English, I will tend to pay attention to them and not just say alcohol is bad.

As Soco said, I would advise reading the entire article before commenting. They do seem to cover both sides of the arguement for moderate drinking and provide some good examples of who they think it would help and who it would most likely do nothing for. Being under 40 and in good health I personally wouldn’t see any need to consume alcohol moderately and I feel that for many of the people who moderate drinking could help, they would have problems only doing so in moderation, possibly doing more harm than good. This is my opinion but please do read all of the facts before making up your mind.

And in response to the little gray "advertisment" text, those are in various places throughout the article and my educated guess would be that they aren't for the article itself but for the pictoral adds in the middle of the text.

By the way, happy new year everyone and godspeed with your training :slight_smile:

I think it was in Cy Wilson’s article “Bad Blood” where he mentions you can attain the same benefits from grape seed extract than if you were to drink red wine.

Yes, I did drink two Mike’s Hard Lemonades last night. No, I don’t drink more than one or two drinks a month. Alcohol damages your intestinal wall, your liver, your brain, and your kidney. I don’t know how many of you spend time with people who perform research, but the vast majority of them are educated enough to know that health maintenance is important. However they are still human, and just like the rest of society, they live in denial as far as their need for exercise goes. They will look for the benefits of the more damaging elements of their lives in order to say that even the damage as a beneficial side to it. So maybe it does. If you want to look at research, look at all the damage that a single drink does to your intestinal wall and other parts of your body before you use research to pat yourself on the back for regular use.

Great post.

"They will look for the benefits of the more damaging elements of their lives in order to say that even the damage as a beneficial side to it. "

I have NEVER seen that phenomenon summed up better ever in my life than that sentence. Thank you for a great post, I am going to copy and paste that somewhere.

Great post. Excellent summary. Nothing further needs to be said.

"Alcohol damages your intestinal wall, your liver, your brain, and your kidney. " what is the point of this information? for the sake of a fair argument so called moderate consumption does minimal damage to these organs, especially red wine which contains numerous antioxidants. weightlifting damages your muscular system. every day bacteria damage the immune system… so? i don’t drink very much or very often, but i feel that this has not been a very balanced or fair argument on alcohol, very reflective of the board’s consensus of belief that often times seems to border on that of the WCTU.

I agree with dman this thread has been extemely imbalanced and based upon little other than alcohol is bad for you. Water is bad for you to as enough of it will dround you so it is more of a question of exactly how much. I think this debate would be far more constructive if we would discuss what negative impacts one drink has on the body and if you know a study, link it so as to share the knowledge.

Here go some:

Scientists in Spain are reporting a link between moderate alcohol consumption and antibodies found at high levels in people prone to developing allergies.

The antibodies, known as IgE antibodies, cause allergic symptoms by overreacting to generally harmless substances inhaled from the air such as pollen, mold or animal dander.

In patients allergic to house dust mites, regular alcohol intake was associated with increased (blood) levels of specific IgE against these mites.

The findings are more likely to offer clues on how the immune system functions with regard to allergies than to provide new strategies for allergy treatment.

If you drink moderate alcohol you are more likely to develop an allergic reaction to something.

Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research January 2002;26:60-64

Alcohol is a known risk factor for cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus, and it has been assumed that all types of alcohol held a similar risk. But this study suggests that wine drinkers are at lower risk for these cancers than beer or spirit drinkers. The reason -- wine contains resveratrol, a substance found in grapes and known to inhibit the development of cancer.

A moderate intake of wine probably does not increase the risk of upper digestive tract cancer, whereas a moderate intake of beer or spirits increased the risk considerably. The apparent cancer-protective effects of wine drinking did not last, however, once drinking became heavy.

The authors point out that mouth, throat and esophageal cancer risks rose by 70% among heavy wine drinkers (more than 21 drinks per week), compared with nondrinkers.

British Medical Journal September 26,1998;317:814-818.

So wine seems to be a cut above other forms of alcohol. Personally, no studies will convince me that I'd be better of drinking a glass of an alcoholic beverage than I would be by exercising.

Thanks for the info. No, I am not going to give up my workouts for a drink anytime soon either. The one thing that interests me the most is whether being a social drinker is beneficial as it correlates higly to social people who are in better metal condition, and not so much the alcohol but alas I haven’t seen that studied yet