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The Bends - Aching Back

I have a problem with lumber hyperlordosis and anterior pelvic tilt. It isn’t stopping me lifting on any core lifts but I just have a dull ache all the time.

I have read all the neanderthal and physiotherapy type protocols for changing this curve and I have been working hard on my hamstrings and glutes with good mornings, stiff leg deads and glute ham raises mostly. I lift ok on these lifts compared to my others although I would say that my hamstrings are small compared to my quads (which are also not big).

My question is has anyone out there made a big change in posture around the pelvis? How did you do it and what difference did it make to your lifting?

I also am involved with a team on which 2 of the players have had major problems (facet joint irritation, pain and atrophy in one leg plus a pronounced limp) which I think are due to hperlordosis/ant pelvic tilt. My programs for them are more remedial that what I’m using for myself since I have no injury just not optimal.

So far the lower back player has got back to playing and is focussing on getting performance up as well as changing posture to prevent re-injury. I’m just starting a new program with the second player with right leg problems.

Any tips or stories would be appreciated cause I think there are some smarter people on here than in the medical field trying to help lifters!