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The Bench


Im relativly new to working out on a consistent basis so i dont know exactly what in talkin about but i have a question. Why do we use a bar to benchpress at all? why dont we always just use dubells...as far as im conserned, benching with a bar is far easier, and i would make sence to me that the balancing required to dumbell press would promote bigger stronger shoulders than benching a bar...Im shure theres a reason to bench with a bar instead of just dumbells and i would like to know why...any input would be great!!!



dumbells r grate, but u can't lift ass much w/ dumbells ass u can w/ a bar. So u can git stronger using the barbell than u can using dumbells. Both surve a purpose in ur training, so u should use them both.

does that make sence?


I just had an aneurysm...



Butt it wuzz a funy won.