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The Beginning: The DP Saga


In the beginning, there was DP.

This is my journey.


My starting lifts are as follows:

Bench - 228x8, 235x5
Front Squat - 225x11, 265x3
Deadlift - Unknown, my best is 335x15
BB row - 225x11
BB curl - 105x9
back squat - unknown, I’ve done 275x12 6 months ago

I’m going to do a Yates inspired 3 way split(thanks C_C)

Day 1 - Chest, Biceps, Triceps
Day 2 - Legs
Day 3 - Off
Day 4 - Delts, Back
Day 5 - off

I post in the BOI thread, but the purpose of this log is so I can track my progress a bit easier. The BOI thread is a bit crowded, although, I will continue to post there as well.

I’m going to post some starting pics as well.


Front - 205lbs






Incline Bench - 175x7

Flat Bench - 225x5

BB Curl - 115x5

DB one arm preacher - 30x14
I actually tried 40, but it was too heavy

Close grip bench - 185x8

Ez bar ext. - 95x5
I didn’t expect to get such a low amount of reps on this(my best is 105x9)…I’m going down to 85lbs regardless, next week…

some of my numbers are down, but a lot of that has to do with exercise order and changing my form up a bit…interesting to note…every time my tricep strength goes down so does my bench…

The main thing I need to do is just keep eating a lot and keep my intensity up, and all my numbers should go back up and exceed my previous bests…

I have a long way to go…so this is beginning


Back squat - 275x5
I was hitting parallel but just barely…my flexibility needs work…maybe I will buy some oly shoes as well…idk, i might go back to front squats…it’s difficult for me to back squat due to my body proportions…

WM - 225x15
this killed me lol…I always pride myself on being tough, but I think I may had a couple reps left in me…I need to step it up here…

hamstring curl - 75x8
I’m certain this machine’s 100lbs is comparable to the stack on another machine…it’s weird…

calve raises - 225x12
first time i ever did a calve exercise…my calves suck…I have a really high calf insertion…good for jumping high but bad for bodybuilding

i forgot abs…I’ll do them later today at home…

I need to step up everything…


OHP - 125x7

Lateral raises - 25x8

Rack chins - 25x7

BB row - 235x6, 185x10

High row - 30x8
I don’t know what this exercise is really called, but basically i put a bench on a high incline and lay on it and row DBs to my upper chest/neck by driving my elbows back…it’s a rear delt/upper back exercise…it’s similar to a facepull type movement…

I’m trying to get my form a lot tighter on every exercise…I noticed that most pros tend to have relatively good form and control…


Incline bench - 175x7

Flat bench - 225x6

BB curl - 115x6

Incline Curls - 30x14

CGBP - 195x8

BB ext. - 85x9

some direct rotator cuff work since my left rotator cuff seems to be extremely weak

side lying rotator cuff - 10x14
knee rotator cuff(idk what it’s really called) - 10x7
i did both arms but did my left first and just did the same reps for right(although i could do more)…

I’m doing some mobility work as well…stretching and foamrolling the pecs/lats/shoulders…getting better thoracic spine mobility…I think this stuff is important and overlooked…I won’t be able to function at 100% performance if my body is not working properly…

As far as how I feel about today…Bench didn’t improve much, but it should go up soon…I weighed 213 after training today…So, hopefully my other lifts went up!


I haven’t trained this late in awhile, but I had no other time to train today…It was one of the best workouts I had all year mainly because I’m starting to get my squat form down…

I’ve been working on my flexibility and form all week, and it’s working…my form was 100x better this week…My left hip is still kind of tight, but it’s getting better…I hit about 1-2 inches below parallel on pretty much every squat…I think I could get even deeper in oly shoes…

anyway on to the workout

Back squat - 285x5

Widowmaker - 235x15
yeh, i pussed out again…But, I stopped because I didn’t want to compromise my form…but whatever i still need to step it up

Band Pullthrough - Blue and greenx 11
I use a V bar looped through, so I can get a better grip…

Hamstring curl - 75x9

Calves - 245x12

leg lowering - 15 reps

rev crunches - 12

One thing I really focused on in this workout was being really controlled and focused as opposed to wasting energy yelling and psyching myself up…I feel like I no longer need to do that anymore…

So, yeah, overall, it was a good workout…I’m going to stretch a bit and go to sleep now lol…


OHP - 135x5

Lateral raises - 10x20, 15x12
did these more strict than last time…

Rack chins - 30x8

BB row - 235x6, 195x12

DB High row - 30x13, 40x6

side lying ER - 10x15
knee supported ER - 10x7
internal rotations

that’s it…I will probably just go up on BB rows next week on my “heavy” set…


Incline Bench - 185x6

Flat Bench - 225x7

BB curl - 115x6

1 arm preachers - 40x7 both arms

CGBP - 205x7

Ez bar extensions - 85x8

prehab stuff

side lying er - 10x14
knee supported er - 10x8
scap push ups- 2 sets of 20

As i predicated, my strength is going up…And now the real work begins…


back Squat - 295x5
this was really easy…

WM - 245x12
I’m going up next week anyway

Hamstring curl - 75x10

Calves - 255x12

Rev. crunches - 12, 8, 8
I do these with no momentum, but my abs are quite weak anyway so I can’t really qualify my way out of this performance lol

Prehab stuff

Low trap raises - 5x10
scap push ups

I’m really relieved to have fixed a lot of the flexibility issues that were messing up my lower body, so now I’m focusing on my upper body…Hopefully, I can fix those as well…


OHP - 145x2, 115x9
went a bit too heavy here…I’ll do 125 next week…

lateral raises - 15x14

Rack Chins - 40x7

BB rows - 245x5, 205x12

DB high rows - 40x7


SL ER - 10x15
KS ER - 10x9
trap 3 raise - 5x12
Band depressions

I discovered something…my right trap/levator is super tight…You can see that my right shoulder is elevated in my rear lat spread…So, I need to fix that…


I’m transcending into the next level of training now…

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