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The Beginning of the End - 500kg Deadlift

Who do you think has the potential to break Eddie halls 500kg deadlift? when do you think it will happen? Or do you think eddie hall has done the impossible and no one will break his record?


To get the nitpicking out of the way… Eddie didnt complete his deadlift under powerlifting rules. Had straps, a suit and could hitch.

They don’t seem to be doing max weight deadlifts for strongman anymore so I think you can lock it away from a strongman perspective.

Benni still holds the powerlifting record, I think, and that is a good 100lbs away. As Benni couldn’t match Eddie’s lift, I don’t think he will do it - especially under powerlifting rules.

I don’t follow PL enough to know who could do it.

I was going to post it in the strongman forum, but thats inactive as heck. Probably shouldve posted in bigger stronger leaner though.

Benni still broke the floor with it so theres a small chance in the future he could pull 501kg if he doesnt get any more injuries or some shit but he probably wont risk it. Maybe if he wasnt out because of injuries prior to that he could’ve who knows.

I think eddie has the potential to break 500kg by a couple of kgs given the speed at which he pulled 500 but struggled at the top, i dont think he will though ( unless someone breaks his 500kg then whats the point) plus he almost went blind so its not worth the risk.

Maybe Belkin given half a year and if he puts on a suit again.

In fairness, Eddie performed that at the World Deadlift Championship, which, though held concurrent with a strongman competition, is also it’s own event, similar to the loglift championship. Should still be happening annually.

It is but it’s for reps now. This year the winners got 400kg for 5.

Well f**k me, looks like I’m out of the loop.

World’s Strongest Man is (usually) reps or funky weights
Deadlift championship is now reps.
Arnold’s is an elephant bar.

There’s an opportunity for someone to add some prestige to their event but that visual of blood pouring down Eddie’s nose after the deadlift has probably made promoters weary.

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I was thinking belkin too. it will be quite the achievement, especially since hes half the bw of eddie.

He’d definitely bulk up a bit on whatever Russians eat

hes close to hitting that 461kg without a suit. Once he gets there who knows. He definitely needs to put on a bit of weight though.

Its a shame to not see a max deadlift and i can understand why but alot of strongman events are dangerous, for example when eddie dropped the log on his neck. Id rather see a max deadlift then deadlift for reps.

As for the strongmen, meanwhile nobody overcomes Eddie’s world record on the deadlift (over time perhaps Benedikt Magnússon).

Probably his world record once overcomes Belkin, but he uses the sumo deadlift and is powerlifter.

However, a new and not very well-known strongman will appear and will be the new holder of the world record. Maybe.

It is highly unlikely that eddie will ever really come close to that weight again. He officially retired after his WSM win to worry about family and health given that to stay competitive he was what half a foot shorter than but similar weight to shaw and thor? The amount of unhealthy eating and drugs it surely took (even for strongman standards) were taking a toll. Last i heard he is down a decent bit of weight and cut alot of the juice out so while that’s great for him healthwise, it means he will likely never touch weight close to that again.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Jerry Pritchett come close. Martins Licis also pulled 975 at WSM 2017 on a stiff bar at all of 24 yrs old. Give him 6 years in the sport and see what he does.

If someone does go 501+, I’d hope it’s conventional. Nothing wrong with sumo, but pulling 500 conventional is a whole different animal than sumo, suited or otherwise.

Of course, now that I’ve said that, I should also say I wanted Duffin to attempt it, because he’s awesome.