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The Beefy Bunch


I don't remember who it was, but someone on the forum said my family should be called the beefy bunch. So with that I changed my webpage theme. Check it out at www.nopecsnosex.com and remember to turn on your speakers. You might get a laugh or two.


Funny shit! :slight_smile:


That was great!


That's fantastic.




Spence, Cool layout, nice site! The pic of your Dad looks bad ass! I'm thinking of shaving my head like that!


I think it was I.


May I suggest a button that apears as soon as the flash animation starts that lets you skip to the last frame? It was a clever animation and I liked it, but I had to watch it 4 times in order to read about your whole family. Anything can get dull after 4 times :slight_smile: well except for sex, and weight lifting, and sky diving, and.... nm...



thanks jordo.. i was thinking the same thing.. haha.. i'll see what i can do. And thanks zev for the idea!


Nadolsky rules!



Clever stuff, Spence!

But I do like Jordo's suggestion....


oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaa