The Bed and the Sledge Hammer

When ever I wake up it feels like someone destroyed my back with a sledge hammer. Even my kidneys hurt. This really bothers me because i haven’t changed any of my sleeping methods in a while and its just plain baffling. So here is my question; is it possible to fall into such a deep sleep that your body just kind of “lets everything go”? I’m sure there is some sort of stabilization going on while you are sleeping. So, is it possible to sleep so “hard” that you just let everything fall where it may?

How old is your mattress? I recently bought a new one - after sleepig on one that was almost 20 years old. It made a HUGE difference. I think your body always ‘let everything go’ when you are in deep sleep, so if you are not being well supported you will wake with aches and pains.

As for your kidneys, that could be a medical problem, but when I have been very hydrated and then stopped drinking water for some reason or another I usually get kidney pain. If I don't drink just before I go to bed they ache badly when I wake up.

Sounds like you need a better mattress. Too often people underestimate the importance of a good mattress, and their back pays for it. Look into something firmer, that should help things out.

Have you recently started seeing someone new? If so, you should check UNDER the mattress for a pea. That might be the problem.

See, I knew this couple once that was checking out a girlfriend for their son. So, they put a pea under her bed to see if she’d notice it. Yeah, she did - worst sleep of her life.

Thanks alot for the replies. I’m gonna flip my mattress over and see how it is tomarrow, and im gonna drink more water before i go to bed. No peas, and no new g/f :frowning: Thanks alot everyone. Bye

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that my mattress isn’t too old, but i think it needs a flipping. once again tnanks for the replies.


Actually most mattresses don’t need flipping anymore - so that may not be the cause. Have you gained or lost much weight recently? Changing your body ‘structure’ could be part of the problem.

My weight really hasn’t changed much, bit i’ve found that if i sleep on the couch my back feels fine.The water actually did the trick for my kidneys( thanks!! ). I think im gonna experiment with higher pillows, or just sleep on the couch thanks. bye