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The Beauty of NFL Films


I just finished watching the 2004 Dallas Cowboys NFL Yearbook from NFL Films. I'm not sure if it is how they film it or the music or the fact that I am borderline twitching with anticipation for the start of the football season... but after watching that, I just wanna run outta my house and drill someone like Roy Williams punishing some fool WR on a crossing pattern. LOL

Does that make me a bad person? Does anyone else get this way watching NFL Films? I can't be the only lunatic when it comes to this stuff.

The other funny thing that I love about NFL Films when they recap a team's season, they can make anything seem like a good season.


I watched it this afternoon. I had goosebumps. High school kids started practice here last week.


i watch a ton of NFL Films all the time

i play football and we report on the 12th

i was watching one called crunchmasters where they were showing the games hardest hitters and at the end i was in a cold sweat and shuttering cause im so ready for the season to start


You're not alone my friend. I think everybody here who's ever played FB is just twitching with anticipation and excitement right now.


Ahh, blazing fast responses. Does my heart good. One of my fave NFL Films just begins with a very simple line spoken with that classic gravity by John Facenda,

"His name was Earl Christian Campbell..."


Yeah no doubt about it. Football season is so close you can taste it. I've been getting my football fix by going to the Chargers practices when I have the chance.

The Hall of Fame game was a good tease last night as well, but it's nothing like the real thing.


I can't wait for football to start as well, but I'm more of a college football guy, with the upsets and undefeated seasons on the line every game.


Even in our little corner of the world, we had a Midnight Madness to celebrate the start of two-a-days.

This is highschool Sixman football, mind you, and we had over 300 folks in the stands salivating over the start of the season.

I'm Ready!!!


isn't your neighbor mike vrable ?


Bring it on!!!


I bought the NFL films soundtrack. Some of the voice-overs are corny but growing up watching the shows the music is somehow ingrained in my head. It gets me crazy wacky pumped. I highly recommend it.


NFL any damn thing is all good. Only now with the NFL: channel do I have a reason to have a TV year round.


The NFL Channel RULES!

Yesterday, I saw the replay to the Aneas Williams hit on Steve Young that ended Young's career... I forgot about that hit, Young didn't!

My son started 2-a-days yesterday. He came home, showered, ate, and fell asleep. 14 hours later, I woke him up for practice!

I just got chills thinking about it. It's football season.



The other thing is Madden is released today, so I will be playing that in anticipation of the season.


If he was, I would need the real Roy Williams laying that hit on my behalf.


The NFL Network was just added to my digital cable package and I'm not sure I will be leaving the house much. If only the NFL Sunday Ticket came on cable. DAMN YOU DIRECT TV!


Yeah but how good is Roy going to be with the new "Roy Williams" rule in effect?

No more behind the neck pulldowns, his game might be garbage this year!

Just kidding with you bro, he's one talented mo-fo.


The funny thing is that through the magic of the NFL Network I saw an interview recently with Roy asking him about that rule and he gave a pretty telling answer. To paraphrase, he said his job is to do what must be done to take down an opposing player. If he has to do that same tackle to prevent a touchdown or a guy breaking loose, he would rather take the fine/penalty from the NFL than have to face Parcells and explain why he let the dude go free. LOL