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The Beast

Does anybody know anything about Ultra Labs “The Beast” supplement? just wondering because it seams to be in every magazine since the mid 90s.

Ha! Didn’t realize this crap had been around that long. Proves that there’s a sucker borm every minute. Anyway, here’s what T-mag said in an old Rater-X column:

"The Beast: Anabolic Activator by Ultra Labs.

Just the name and picture of the gorilla on the front are
enough to make PeeWee wee wee his baggy Tommy Hilfiger
shorts. This stuff must work! After all, the ad says that “the
Beast is the number-one selling bodybuilding supplement!” Kiss
that picture of Ulysses S. Grant goodbye, PeeWee!

Our T-Dude is immediately skeptical. He knows that the
most-effective supplements on the market have very low-key
advertising. If it works, it’s going to sell, period. Only
questionable companies with K-Mart products stoop to such
advertising. The first thing T-Dude sees is the word
homeopathic. This comes from the Latin Homus Patheos which
means, “Hey, buddy, you ain’t really gonna’ spend 50 bucks on
that bottle of water are ya?”

And what about that “number-one best-selling supplement”
junk? Aha, the answer lies in the small print: The Beast is Ultra
Labs’s top seller, not the world’s number-one selling
supplement, as they lead you to believe by the bold print.
Let’s see, what else do these guys sell? Hmmm, well, uh,
there’s that, uh … hell, I don’t know! The Beast? If you buy
this snake oil, you’ll be the Bitch."

I heard that it will make you real big and strong but it might also shrink your nuts - so be careful. ; )

hey dude don’t knock the beast!!! you know if you stack it with hgc from ultra labs it’s just like juice!! then all you need is some liquid creatine and you’ll be huge in like 50 years…lol…lol