The Beast vs The Cowboy

I am a huge fan of Christian Thibaudeau and Chad Waterbury, having done several cycles of the Beast’s OVT, Chad’s Anti-body building programme and full body dynamo. I am currently doing CT’s shoulder over haul programme. The one thing I notice is the fundamentally different approaches to training recommended by these two top trainers. Personally, I find cycling between the Christians and Chad’s programmes a fantastic way to keep the body guessing. But I would be very interested to hear about everyone else’s experiences with the 2 training philosophies. I would also like to extend a special invite to Christian and Chad to discuss their opinions with regards to the differences between their training philosophies. I am not trying to start an internal flame war, as most people would agree that diversity is the key to successful muscle building so I do not believe these 2 styles to be mutually exclusive. T-Nation awaits with baited breath to hear what you guys have to say.

Well for one thing I do think that I’m much sexier and have a more sensual accent :slight_smile:

Seriously though, Chad’s methods and mine are actually quite similar when it comes to strength, power and athletic development. If you read my articles focusing on these subjects (Pendulum Training Series, Different Destinations Different Journey, Money Exercises, etc.) you’ll see that the scientific basis that we use is pretty much the same, even our applications of the methods are similar.

Where we differ is when we write about bodybuilding methods. Chad’s utilize pretty much the same methods for muscle development as he does for strength and power, while I do use drastically different approaches for both objectives (read “Different Destinations, Different Journey” for more on that suject).

And I’d like to adress the subject before it gets on the table, I do believe that in a fight Chad would kick my arse.

TFT baby…:slight_smile:

I can only say Ive done something similar to CT’s Pendulum for Athletes with remarkable results in that area…when I get my releasers and bands with this great outline well se some great results…

As for CW, my cousin has goten prety big in the last year with his programs…about 15 kg total… hes only about 70kg now…but was 55kg a year ago and couldnt really squat an empty bar properly…last week he DL 275 pretty niceley…and did a 1RM squat with 245…not bad…

I’ve used parts of what CW writes, jumping box squats, bench lockouts etc…with great succes also…if they ever have a child he’ll rule the world :wink:

I finished up CT’s OVT Phase I two weeks ago; into the second week of ABBH; great gains from the first, more from the second. Once I finish 4 weeks of ABBH, going to jump back to OVT for phase II, then move on and finish ABBH. This mix up is definitely keeping the old (42) body guessing!

I think Thib has some great programs and methods. I use many of the methods he writes about, but I don’t design my workouts around these same parameters. Obviously, if CT and I wrote about the same methods this website would get very boring, very fast. Therefore, I focus on the methods that my clients, and myself, have had the most success with.

The fact that most trainees experience above-average results on our programs is further proof that there’s no best way to train.

But as I’ve stated before, I’m merely here for a different perspective on training, that’s all.

Well both are great I done Ovt 1and 2 made great
gains. Also I have done Cw abb1 abb2 and Qd and
Single’s. I am 39 and made great gain from all of
these program’s.

done training programs from both of them and have good gains. As an athlete I do the following:

Postseason (early summer and november/december) I do CW’s strength programs (pick one, they all kick arse) and then switch to one of CT’s athletic programs once i get about 10 weeks out from my rugby season starting and then scale that back a little in-season. It worked VERY well…and then I went and got injured badly and could lift no more for 6 weeks…

As of right now I am doing CT’s pendulum for athletes cos I have had a long layoff and need to get my arse into guy before september.