The BEAst_in_i: Crown the King

Mythical BEAst Phoenix

Pause Bench
2 x 1 at 235

JM Press
3 x 12 @ 55 + Orange Micro Minis

Bottoms up KB Press
2 x 13 at 13/hand

Band OH Tricep Ext 3 x 35
DB Wrist Stuff 2 x 40, x 30

Half-Bosu ball Squats 2 x 15
Hamstring Stretch 2 x 1 minute/leg
Ab Pushout Crunch 2 x 25

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Stuff been happening since March: changing jobs, moving, injury, and loads of stress. I am changing jobs again, but it’s an improvement over my current job, which is where I got injured. Started and completed physical therapy for my hip injury. Which got my baseline back high enough to tolerate coming off light duty.Took a full week off anything resembling real training. I used the light DBs I keep at home for feeder workouts to burn off anxious energy. 1st week back I just did bunches of bodyweight training, light DB and band pump work.

Did an undocumented week of Bench training to start bringing that back up quickly for the Iowa State Fair Bench competition on the 19th. Hit 225 against orange micro minis last week, 205 for 6 last week. Hitting a light variation for more reps tomorrow, volume singles on Friday, 1 more heavy session next Monday then just maintenance til go time.

In terms on lowerbody training, until the job switch is over, I will just be doing close to the bare minimum to rebuild.

Sumo Deadlift 3 x 5
RDL x 10
Upper Pump Work

Twice a week, 1 day on an Axle, 1 day on a Deadlift bar. Once the job switch is over I will go a little harder, but with all the stooping and picking up boxes it would be really easy to burn out a freshly recovered hip if I didn’t put the brakes on. After the 19th, kind of lost. Since I don’t know if I can rebuild fast or well enough to make competing in Sep/Oct worth it. Maybe scrap out something in November. Looking at Nebraska’s Strongest Man next March, but would like to do something before then. Hopefully.

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Definitely hit me up if you make your way into Nebraska dude. Good to see you coming back.

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For sure.

Maybe tackle a team food challenge sometime.

Semi optimistic about my hip right now. Able to pick up the pace at work and the minor niggles are becoming fewer and farther between. Hopefully these next 2-3 weeks go smoothly. Did some all you can eat pancakes at I-hop. Wanted pancakes, turns out all you can eat is right now. Heaven I love pancakes. Gone twice in the last 7 days.

Mythical BEAst Phoenix

Bird Dogs 2 x 20
Ab Crunch Pushout 2 x 25

Axle Sumo Deadlift 3 x 5 at 185 (2 sets DOH)
Axle RDL x 10 at 185
Wrist Stuff 2 x 40, 1 x 32
Finger Curls 3 x 22 at 65
KB Laterals 2 x 20
Half-Bosu Squats 2 x 20

Summary of the last few days.

Close Grip Bench 2 x 8 at 175
Dicked around with some overhead work. Got a tricep and a forearm pump

Sumo Deadlift 3 x 5 at 205
RDL x11 at 205
Weighted Plank: Had a 160lb guy stand on my back during a plank for 10 seconds.

Pause Bench Press 12 x 1 at 215
Sick whole arm pump

Rest day (Full rest including no rehab work)
Dinner was 2lbs of grounds beef + 2 eggs.


Pause Bench Press
x 1 at 245
2 x 1 at 185 (3 ct pause)

Ready to attempt 275 on Saturday

Tricep PD (SS) Cable Curls 3 sets
KB Turnover 1 set at 53, 2 sets at 35
Hammer Curls 2 sets
Back Ext 2 x 10

Oh hell yeah!

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Definitely trying to up my meat intake as opposed to my old methods of force feeding junk to gain weight this time.

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It’s a fantastic approach for sure. Love to see it. Quality stuff.

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Axle Sumo Deadlift 3 x 5 at 225 (1 set DOH)
Axle RDL x 13 at 225
Wrist Stuff
Finger Curls x 7 at 165, x 20 at 135, 2 x 21 at 25

Birddogs 2 x 20
Ab Push Crunch 2 x30

Tried to so some marrs bar squats with 160, was no go. Hip didn’t like it.

Iowa State Fair Push/Pull

I did Bench only, a decision I made before hurting my hip.

I got first, but I have mixed feelings about that. I had the best bench of the 198-220’s but that doesn’t feel like much when I come near the bottom if we combine the 2 weight classes below mine into each other. A win is a win, and it isn’t entirely hollow since I did have to beat someone.

Game plan was to nip a 10lb PR, which would have put me at 275. That didn’t pan out.
Planned attempts were 235, 255, 275. Hit 235 fine, back was cramped up but got it fine. I physically got 255, but I jumped the start command and was a decent-ish grind. I knew between the control I needed to exert and how hard 255 was, 275 was just out of reach, but I wasn’t repeating a lift to make sure it got posted. Took a safe jump to 260, it was likely to be a grind but I knew it was there. Boy howdy that was a grind. Thought I jumped the rack command, but they gave me the lift so not complaining.

Fuck around week over. Also done with my highly physical job. Start new job next week.

385 Axle Sumo Deadlift
435 Sumo Deadlift
193/hand Farmer Pick
275 Sling Shot Bench

Congrats on the new job. Planning to do a full power mert?

At some point, probably next year.

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Lift the Heavens

Paid for a generic improve your overhead press program from a strongman friend on instagram. I basically just needed to remove thought process from my training.

Strict Press
x 5 at 125
4 x 5 at 100

Close Grip Incline Bench
x 12, x 12, x 11 at 135

Overshot the RPE rx by a bit. 135 just seemed reasonable.

3 x 10 at 25/hand

Undershot, but this pressing volume is more than I am used to recently

Lat Pulldown
x 15 at 100
x 15 at 140
x 15 at 120

Db Chest Supported Row
4 x 8 at 45/hand

Ab Wheel from knees
2 x 12

Reverse Wrist Curls (add on from me)
2 sets

Lift the Heavens

Overall it felt like a lot of work of RX’d and wasn’t sure how well my hip would hold up. Which is silly in hindsight, since this workout is fractions of pennies compared to what I did to make a paycheck happen after my hip was ‘good enough’. Definitely feeling good enough to push harder lowerbody training. Just can’t let myself get greedy.

Had to drop from Wisconsin’s Strongest Man, timing is an issue with the new job and I cant get the days off I need. So looking at Winter Siege VI as my next competition to compete in.

x 3 at 405
4 x 3 at 325 (1 Set DOH)

Had my heart set on doing 405 for my top set. I knew my hip could tolerate the weight after the sumo deadlift performances last week. Just a matter of whether I had done enough work that I could lift that weight for those reps in the desired rep style. Turned out well

Warmed up with 1 mat deficits, and sumo.

3 x 15 at 45/hand

Offset KB Bulgarian Split Squats
4 x 8/side at 13

Axle Rows
3 x 8 at 135

W-Y-T Raises
3 x 20

Ended doing no additional weight, as this was hard.

Hanging Leg Raises
3 x 8

Lift The Heavens

Close Grip Spoto Press
x 1 at 235
4 x 1 at 190

Push Press
2 x 5 at 125
x 5 at 95

Would very much like to say fuck straight bar push presses.

Lu Raises 2 x 5 at 10/hand
Kelso Shrug 3 x 8 at 50/hand
Low Cable Row 3 x 10 at 160
Clamshell Plank 2 x 15 seconds/side

Why’s that?

Bothers my left tricep tendons a lot.

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Lift the Heavens

Box Jumps 4 x 2

Front Squat
x 5 at 205

Leg Curls 3 x 20

Front Squat
4 x 5 at 165

Reverse Lunges
3 x 10 at 60

Empty buffalo bar. Was sweating like crazy, so I needed an implement less likely to slip.

Suitcase Carries
3 x 25 ft at 106

Lat Pulldown
3 x 8 at 140

Suitcase carries and latpulldowns order was switched because I felt like it was playing with fire.