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The Beast Evolves


Hey CT !

I stole that topic from one of your old articles. Every time i visit T Nation, it seems, you have assimilated new knowledge and evolved as a coach. Your articles and books are my absolute favorites in the strength and conditioning literature. I appreciate you doing ready-to-go workout programs for us but i really miss your older work where you really broke down a subject, gave us all the options and then showed us how to put it all together. Your How to Design a Damn Good Program and Destroying Fat articles as well as the book Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde come to mind, really loved those.

Please tell me your planing a new book!.



I'm always planning a new book... that's my problem! I get passionate about a specific subject, start a book on it. But I have so much on my plate that after a while I switch to something else and the book is left unfinished at 40 pages or so.


That's both good and bad news !. I'll read it as: it might take a while but Thib might have several book coming out in the future :).

Thanks for the update.