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The Beast Evolves vs. Get Jacked Fast

Long time T-Nation reader, but only recently posting on the Forum. As a former college football player (currently playing pro in Europe) I am beginning to phase out of being 290lbs @ 18.5% BF.

I have been a big fan of Christian T’s posts, (The Beast Evolves). So I am embarking on my own transformation. I D/L’ed his Get Jacked Fast program (GJF), but the nutrition is different from “The Beast Evolves” (TBE)
GJF: --no carbs until week 5
TBE: --introduces carbs on the weekends, and pre and post work out much sooner (similar to the Anabolic Diet).

Any clarifications and suggestions would be much appreciated. I will be tracking and posting my progress here as well as

One program is a couple of months old, the other is really ancient. Which do you think CT presently recommends?

You might want to consider a program primarily for athletes as opposed to an aethetic based program. I’m not saying those are bad programs. I’m just saying that I would think there would be something better suited for you (unless it’s during your offseason and you don’t really need to worry about performance)

I am no longer worried about “athletic performance” (no more power cleans for this guy…). I just have no need for the “football linemen body” any more. But with most of our lifting (ovfer the past 5 years) olympic, and explosive/power driven, I am entering new territory (for me at least) with a more “aethetic” program.

I’d like an answer to which one he PRESENTLY recommends.

Or perhaps a one someone else recommends?

Get Jacked Fast is the his new one so I guess he would go for that since he would have learned more since he wrote the old one.

FWG, to answer your PM.

Maybe my initial answer wasn’t obvious enough. Clearly, the better, more modern program endorsed by CT himself is Get Jacked Fast, and you should follow that. That’s about all I can say.

If that weren’t enough, CT has said many times - in articles and on the forums - that if he had a chance to re-do his transformation with all the knowledge he has now, he would have done things very differently. He also says Get Jacked Fast is basically what he views as the best fat loss while maintaining/gaining muscle program. So, yeah. Get Jacked Fast.


Appreciate it guys.