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The Beast Awakens Turned into a Flash Movie


Good lord, apparently our old friend has made an appearance on a number of websites...




"and dick neck was born"


FUCKING EPIC!!!! Wow. That is some very funny shit.


AHAHAHA! Nooooo! Oh man now I officially feel bad for the guy.


Well that was pretty damn good.


HAHAH fucking brilliant.


Lord Turnip looks like that whitetiger guy a bet there is a connection.


LOOOOL. Genius!


Haha. Where do people find time to produce such a video?


I tried searching for the original thread on here and when I couldn't find it, tried google. On bb.com there was a thread saying that the kid (The Beast Awakens guy) commited suicide online due to all the abuse he was getting on his threads, can anyone verify this?

The threads have been removed from bb.com too, which suggests something along those lines did happen.




There was some kid who killed himself last year I believe and video taped himself. He took pills and just laid on the bed with the video rolling. After he didn't move for over an hour people on the website called the police. I don't know if it was the same guy.


That wasn't the guy.


Gotta say, stuff like this definitely makes me more wary about posting pics of myself online.


Agreed. Some of these people take it too far. I don't think many of them in college right now realize shit like that may eventually affect their ability to get a job. It has happened before.

They laugh about it now because they were raised on fucking youtube so they see everything through the same lens.


This is why I've always expressed my distaste for many of the SAMA threads that involve members posting barely clothed images/strategically-posed nudes of themselves with their faces in the pics just to get a pat on the back from other members here.

Every year the Internet becomes much less anonymous than it used to be, and people oftentimes underestimate just how easy it potentially is for any semi-motivated individual to find out pretty much whatever they want about another person (especially with the popularity of "social networking" sites) with just the smallest amount of initial information.

I personally know several people who lost their jobs/internships as a result of their employers browsing their Facebook pages, and with a mother who works is a VP of Human Resources for a large company, I hear stories about Internet activity coming back to bite people in the ass all the time.


wooow, that's a nice dick..im jellyous


Soldiers have received punishment for what they post openly on MySpace. It apparently got so bad that we started having meetings about it to get enlisted to stop when I was active.

I personally don't find this funny....but someone actually went through all of the effort to animate something like that just to make fun of someone like that. That's fucked up on more than one level.


The more I think of it, I wonder if law enforcement has caught up to this?

If that video has an affect on his future hiring ability, he could sue for defamation or slander, couldn't he?


oh wow

I feel sorry for him, but yes..where it began.