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The Bear

In her Real People, Real Muscle interview, Patricia mentioned that she ues a workout called the Bear. I understand the giant set concept, just slightly confused about wht the set/rep scheme would be, multiple sets of singles or less sets of multiple giant sets.(10 singles or 3 sets of 3 giant sets for example). Thanks for your help.

When we do the bear, we use 5x5 protocol (giant sets). It is what Coach Davies recommended. It is a real ASS kicker.

A little off topic but ko, where is the Bear in your workout (at the end, in the middle, etc.)? I have done it and it really wiped me out and seemed like a good finisher. Didn’t feel like doing anything after the Bear.

I find that it is pretty much a "stand alone " exercise. A 5x5 session, will pretty much do you in. I like to do it when I am short on time, but want to hit it hard. If you want you could throw some pullups, dips or both.

I’ve seen the Bear before in a past article but can’t get it to come up in a search. Can anyone direct me?

thanks. that helps alot

I first heard about the bear from pavel, he talks about it in his interview… search for pavel Tsatsouline or evil russian. basically he recommends doing 5x5 or something like 85%5rpm and then lowering weights for sets of 5 sets until you cannot do them in good form.

Here’s the link to Coach Davies’ site:

renegadetraining.com /10_02_02/index.html (delete space after "com")

Thank you Ko!

Since we train at the same gym, maybe sometime Ko and I can show you The Bear? I remember you had a question about hang cleans. Maybe we can also help you with that, too. Let me know!