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The Bear Den Awesome edition, Now with more iron!


Actually trying to make these pretty. Generally when I pull sumo I make it a short ROM stiff leg but with coaching from Rheta and Rowe I actually got into correct position and got good clean pulls a few times.
525X1 Was ugly so backin' it on down

As you can tell my flexibility and comfort in the sumo stance are fucktardedly awful. All of those pulls were AFTER stretching too. My hips need to be less tight, next month is now officially mobility month.

Tried Rheta's deadlift technique 8 60ish% singles with 60 seconds rest between as fast as you can make the pulls.
385X8X1 Conventional
Was surprisingly hard but I was easily good for another plate at least, the last two she pushed down with all her weight (which isn't really much) on the back of my belt to make me stop doing stiff legs, I've concluded it's probably muscular weakness in my glutes, hips and hamstrings more than inactivity or form deficiencies, again it comes to rest on my strengths being obscenely out of balance to my weaknesses. Quads and back of a 700 puller, everything else of a 500 puller.

So to fix this I must build an ass which makes Brazilian girls weep with jealous rage.

Reverse Hypers 255X5X8
Hamstring Curl (I know, but damn these bite if you push them)160X3X8
Reverse Band GHRX5X10 ughgugyhg.
Ab shit. Too dead to count or care.

Building junk in the trunk is gonna be a journey.


Close Grip bench
365X2 juuuust missed the 3rd
315X6 drop set

Nicely blood filled.
JM presses

Push Downs

Boom. Good Solid Day.


So this is going to be my new log while I am at Hercules gym training with people who are a hell of a lot stronger than I am, presently I am 6,1 about 235-240 after having cut down from about 255-260 during my last semester in college, my bench has suffered somewhat but it's coming back up and I've just started to work in single ply gear though I am primarily a raw lifter.

I have a B.S. in exercise Science and a C.S.C.S. and I want to be a strength and conditioning coach someday in the future for anyone who really wants to get fucktardedly strong and effective at their sport (preferably football).

Best Raw Lifts
515 Oly Squat belt and sleeves.
405 Close Grip Bench (yes this is just as good as my wide grip and I pause better numbers close grip, don't know why)
645 Deadlift (conventional)
255 Strict Press
300 Push Press (Don't really train it)

Best Geared lifts
505 Bench Single ply katana (loose enough to put on myself, not yet acquitted to tight gear)
685 Deadlift Metal King Deadlifter Second time in suit, again, loose for the sake of learning the gear, more to come!
585X4 squat in single ply briefs about a thousand years ago

I'll be posting anything I find to be exceptionally awesome from Hercules gym in Syracuse NY (with permission of course), actually training with very strong people has completely altered a lot of what I thought about training and really has emphasized in my mind that there is no substitute for experience.

Every week now it seems like I am humbled in the best way possible by how little I really know about training in the grand scheme and enormous world of programming, exercise selection, nutrition, deloading and everything related to any of these categories.


You sir are strong as hell, I will be following... feel free to hop onto my log and critique my shitty form any time lol.


Some Bench-spiration
Rheta 148 Single Ply 360 Full Rom bench, present womens record in her weight/age class is 330.

Scott 220 (presently about 215) Single Ply 675 to a 3 board, working his way up to 725 and then going to 2 board and repeating up to 725 until it's 7ish off his chest, I believe he's hit 672 single ply at 220 and up in the 7's double ply before but I don't have the videos on hand.

Both of these guys have been amazingly helpful in my training and are competing at the next Olympia and will be doing some damage, they inspire the hell out of me and I hope out of anyone who happens to see these. They also provide an amazing contrast of bench techniques, Scott is an incredibly tight set but flat back bencher and Rheta has the most impressive arch I have ever seen while still keeping glutes on the bench, both are exceptional lifters so watch for them at the next Olympia. Fucking dandy stuff.


Hah thanks for the kind words sir! I'll consider myself strong when I can punch through elephants, until then it's all part of the journey man, and your training is impressive as hell, I do about as much conditioning as I do ballet and I respect anyone who gets strong while keeping their cardiovascular level impressive as well, I will return the follow as well and give anything helpful that I can.




junk in the trunk is where its at.


I had decided to follow your advice about the front squats and the deficit deads before I knew anything about you. Now I see that I made a wise decision. Thanks again for your help.


Awesome stuff in here


Adam-F: Thanks man I am lucky to train in a great gym with amazing and dedicated lifters who are not above sharing their knowledge or their time, honestly it's the best thing that has ever happened to my training. Just curious did you hit the 200kg mark?

nlmain: I wholeheartedly agree. I want to be at least 2" taller sitting down than I am seated at present. Incredibly Spankable, yet ferociously powerful is my goal. I'll be stopping in to check on your awesome self on a regular basis, rest assured.

Nadia: Thank you for the kind words miss, the deadlift is the only lift I feel I have any real business giving advice at all in and I've always gotten great enjoyment out of helping others make gravity feel bad about itself in the most straightforward way possible. Good luck in your training I'll most likely be lurking about your log to watch that deadlift come up :).

mmatt: Thank you sir I am lucky enough to be in a gym where moving heavy fucking iron is business as usual and I hope to very soon be a proper product of my environment.

Banded squats with lights and whatever the other ones were
added Bands
415X1X0 Highest miss I have ever had, didn't know I could miss a squat that high. Video up at some point. Bands really started to bite, and I liked the forcing me to build speed out of the hole, I should squat against them more.

Ass and hamstrings are still sore but I couldn't tell how beat up they were until I had already banded up but I called the day before any assistance work, I need to recover as much as possible before bench day Sunday. All in all a solid day.

Also playing with my hand placement on the bar, it seems like I can get more effective forward lean with a little wider of a hand placement on the bar which lets me good morning a little more effectively but seems to rob me of upper back tightness to some degree, not positive which one will let me shove out more weight yet. Just playing with my form to figure out exactly where my stance feels strongest for my smolov run at this point until I figure out when my next competition will be.

Did some box jumps when I got home to help burn off the last of my stupid heavy caffeine load from my pre-workout. Didn't check height but I forgot how much I love box jumps. Next time I will record the boxes as I go up and set a goal.



I thought I would post here instead of hijacking STBs log. I will definitely follow your training and it sounds like you got a great crew around you. And yeah, I am anxious to see how doing a lot of specific triceps will work for my raw bench. I am a believer in westside. I just need to find out how to tweak it more for raw lifting. Conveniently, I am terrible at lockout of bench and can drive off my chest no problem so I am actually following most of the general westside recommendations (ie hammer the crap out of triceps). My hips also are a big weak point since I have always done more "bodybuilder" style of squats, so I will do the whole box squat thing as well.

I will also be anxious to follow your transition into gear. I honestly doubt I will ever get into it but it definitely intrigues me. I doubt I have the patience to learn it, though.

We are fairly close in strength so I will definitely check in to make sure you aren't blowing by me.


I did hit the 200kg mate - as you've seen in my log! Smolov is a great programme - to be re-visited.

GHRs are still the devil.


Honestly man I hate to say it but as soon as you get in a bench shirt and find out you can now bench 100 over your best raw it kind of blows your mind, I'm not looking to become a completely geared lifter as none of the gear I'm presently using actually belongs to me, it's all borrowed from one partner or another and I don't really have the 500+ bucks right now to blow on my own set of gear which I may then have to get adjusted to compete effectively in but I do think the neural adaptations just from holding the extra weight may carryover well to raw lifting, at least for a little while until it becomes more learning the gear specifically and exactly than learning how it feels to hold and lock out 500 in your hands. I've seen your numbers on STB's log before I think you're one of the closest lifters on here to me lifts- wise so let me know if you start shooting for the 700 deadlift or the 600 squat mark because I don't think it ever hurts to have some friendly competition. Training in a powerlifting gym I firmly believe will add more to my total than juicing would right now, it's a completely different world and if you ever get the chance I strongly recommend it.


Sunday 7/10 Bench day with the whole crew.
Again working my grip back out and getting used to pausing with a wide grip
315X1X3 paused
335X1X3 paused
385X1X1 paused PR wide grip and a hell of a grinder. (and better than my close grip so big step for me towards using wide grip effectively)

Incline was crazy good today, also turns out the big plates by the incline were 20 kilos even= 44lbs so fuck, not actually 315 or 275
271X10 PR Don't know where the hell that came from.
309X3 PR See above^

Jumped back on the flat where Rheta was warming up in her shirt
285X12 maybe a PR actually?

Tricep Push Downs with the metal V handle thing instead of rope. (felt easier and let me push a chunk more weight)
200X5 still felt pretty good
220X5X5 some grinders on the last few sets
250(the stack)X2 this was fucking hard, the second rep took a full 10 seconds and awful form, just wanted to know if I could rep it.

The tricep emphasis with this handle is definitely more medial and it lets you grind out way better against the weight, I like this handle and I'll be using it until the stack is a familiar friend for 5X5's

Pull ups

Demolished, today was amazing and I gunned down a solid 3000 calorie bowl of brown rice and chicken in white wine and carbless BBQ marinade along with 6 eggs, cheese, olives, onions and dinosaur BBQ sauce with some tuna chunks mixed in and then poured some extra italian dressing in mixed it all right the fuck up in my happy bowl. It was amazing and was also everything left in my cupboard and fridge apart from some milk and oatmeal and protein powder which I guess will be making up the rest of my meals today.

I am loading caffeine and yohimbe every morning before bench day now. Also I sweated roughly a small ocean on the wall out front. Hopefully microscopic salt loving creatures can live there in peace and harmony until they get exposed to blasting metal every day for weeks and evolve into warring tribes of microcosmic hate and destructive force. Or maybe it will get wiped away, one of the two. Best bench day I have ever had at 240, happy to be making progress, back in the shirt next week.


Just checking out some of the logs around here...don't mind me.

I can identify with the goal of building an ass that will make Brazilian girls weep with jealous rage.

That caffeine/yohimbine combo will give you a nice little buzz, huh?


Hello miss

I openly admit I am a huge fan of stimulants especially for people training while in school, there just isn't enough time to get sleep, work a job, get all of your academics done and train with anything like 100% intensity without stimulants, I've seen more than 1 college student damn near fall asleep on a bench before and training like a zombie for days at a time just seems like a waste of days to me.

There was a time about a year ago when I was dubbed the mayor of pill town for my ability to take high dose YECA stacks 3 times a day for 2 months and sleep like a baby (Yohimbe Ephedrine Caffeine Asprin). For about 2 months after I stopped I needed at least 2 cups of black coffee to function. I did drop about 15lbs of fat though.


True that my friend. When dieting, the YECA stack can't be beat. Great energy, kills hunger.

It's freakin sad when I see all these young guys like yourself all strong and stuff and I am trying to keep up/hold my own at almost 25. I already wish I could go back to 21.


Stimulants are definitely a must during school. Sounds like you've developed quite a tolerance.

YECA sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. I like both the EC and the YC but not all together. Did that accidentally the other day when I took the YC too soon after my allergy meds. Horrible.


Trust me man I am already getting the same feeling, One of my training partners brought in a kid who is 14, he benched 225X6, kid is already 5,11 175, nonsense solid for a kid that age and nowhere near done growing. The kid is a mutant and he's going to pass everything I've done by the time he's 18 I think. Every time I see a kid I know will be stronger than me I have a moment of desire to go back in time and tell myself to do THIS not THAT so that I can keep on being considered a strong guy in the gym a little longer. I figure part of lifting maturity and becoming a good coach is just accepting immediately that there's always going to be kids coming up who beat the hell out of you strength-wise but you can still contribute by virtues of your experience and time under the bar to help them along in a way they couldn't by themselves.

I like to think on some level we're all in it together to make gravity less of a law and more of a guideline.


7/12 Squats and GHR's to death my belt is still looser than I want it to be.
Reverse Mini bands (almost taken the bands away)
bands on
515X1 felt...pretty easy actually
515X2 PR
515X1 tried Rheta's lever belt uncinched because mine was too loose felt tight but didn't really do anything for me, this was a slow horrible grinder.
235X5X3 speedy

Reverse bands
3X20. uggggggh
then 1X12
then 1X8

Hamstring curls

My legs. They burn me. Good day. AND I GAVE BLOOD TODAY. Because I am O-. Gotta share the awesome in my veins because everyone can use it.