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The Beach


As i was getting dunked by 2 metre waves on the weekend i thought to myself how good is this. Swimming at the beach for me is one of the most relaxing and refreshing things for me.

Now most of the population in Australia live on the East and west coast. For me personally i live 1 hour drive from the beach yet im in a country town. I sometimes take for granted how lucky i am to have access to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

Since Australia is roughly the same size as the USA (land mass) How many of u guys have never or harldy ever go to the beach. For instance say u live in (look at map) Utah or Colorado.Its not really something u can say oh lets go for a drive to the beach. Im sure there are certain people that have never ever seen sea water in their life. So has anybody on this site never been to the beach?

Also apart from Florida and your west coast where else is a good place to go to a Beach? I will be visiting the US next year.


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Beaches ain't shit but sand and rocks


Beside the fact that you forgot about water, what do you think Utah is?


I live about 10mins from the beach - go for a swim, surf etc. on most weekends. I used to do surf life saving.
It's one of the greatest places to be imo.

(I'm from Australia as well)


Long Island. Has some of the best beaches in the usa. i was an ocean lifeguard for 7 years, reaching the rank of lieutenant. Hit me up if you want to visit nyc and our beaches.

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It depends on what you want out of your beach experience.

I grew up spending every full summer on the Delaware beaches. I loved the waves.
Now I prefer the quiet warm teal waters of the Caribbean.


I much prefer spending time on a lake to ocean beaches. But we have lakes everywhere here and are surrounded by the worlds largest supply of fresh water so I am probably biased.

This is one of the reasons I could not live out west. It is beautiful in a brown, harsh, prickly kind of way, but not nearly enough lakes. They do have some pretty sweet reservoirs though.


Nicest beaches in the US are in Hawaii.

If you're talking contiguous 48 states US, then I'd go to San Diego.


Utah Beach is in France. Nice try.