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ok lets redo this. i got the title right this time.

share anything about basketball here. favourite teams/experiences in college,playgrounds/training etc. :smiley:

starting with me, i played awhile in school. hoping to play again in univeristy.


Tryin to play for a community college in the Sacramento area. Got out of the Navy recently so i was too late for this season, training til next year...Apparently im supposed to take the actual basketball class in the spring, then they draw from there...ever have jumpers knee? its kinda bein a bitch lately. Anyway i always find good competition at 24 hour fitness.


YES it is a bitch. worse thing about it is that for me, its kinda on and off. knees may be fine one day, and hurting like hell the next. hard for me to plan any training, especially since i want to get some pylos in so i can jump higher. good luck with the college though!


I play for my varsity high school team hoping to play college someday
and Jumper's knee is a BITCH that sidelined me for about 6weeks last year but seems to go away when I squat regularly so that would be my advice to anyone with it
Also don't do plyos on concrete
I'm a Warriors fan


NBA sucks since Jordan left, that is all.


hmmmmmmm h4d, maybe i should start squatting again. its what stopped from doing so. hey hey all the best. we all have the dream of playing for a team. all weve got to do now is train harder and smarter than the rest. :smiley:

jehova, come on, kobe is still here. once hes gone, then itll suck. but youre right, i never actually watched any of michaels games when he was around, but get to watch it on youtube. (thank the Lord) and the michael/larry-magic era was really alot more exciting to watch than now. now probably all everyone wants to watch is miami getting pwned. :smiley:


There certainly was a dark period post-Jordan, when teams were just thugging each other (ie. those Riley-led Knicks squads) and it wasn't much fun to watch

But the rule changes in 2004? (esp outlawing the handcheck on the perimeter), those all worked well in allowing skill, athleticism to shine once again. And the NBA is in good shape, once again


yea but now it looks like its gonna suck all over again. with bron and bosh in miami, so many teams now have little to no chance of winning at all. i.e cavaliers, raptors. the only exciting matches will now probably only be between celtics,orlando,lakers,miami. :confused:

*oh and anyone knows what happened to espn & starsports. my cable suddenly stopped showing those chls = no more bball/foorball. :confused:


How is this different from last year other than adding miami and taking Cleveland out of the mix? I would argue OKC has a chance and possibly PHX depending on how their big situation works out.


No chance!


^^ ha ha ha, was waiting for that


Rand, your Laker-centricness knows no bounds!!! Honestly, you have to think Phoenix is out as a challenge to the Lakers. They got rid of Stoudamire, Nash is one year older and they still have the same glaring defensive weaknesses. The two teams out West who will be the biggest threat to the Lakers are Portland [if they can get/stay healthy. A big 'IF'] and OKC. Actually, I feel like OKC is the future of the league, not Miami. But, the Lakers have at least one more year of running things out West, and more probably 2 or 3 depending.


I say 2 or 3 years. No team will even be close to challenging particularly this year. Not even OKC. I will bet anyone anything that Lakers will be back in the finals without a shadow of a doubt. To say anyone else has a chance is seriously misinformed and delusional. That's reality folks...


Got a great court next to my house thats sunk in a deep bowl of grass around the concrete court. The ball never goes too far.

Also it happens to be lit by a street light all night.


haha dirk had 30/10 today in the win over the bulls.

Dirk molests bosh any day of the week, any month of the year (all jewish/Muslim/christian holidays included).

The fact is when Dirk scores on you he demotivated you and drains your spirits. You're probably going to think 'how the fuck do I mark this guy.'

Flash you need to admit I'm right.

You also need to come clean about your love of stinky pussy and how you get dunked on at least once in every pick up game you play! =P


Just sat courtside at a preseason Kings Clippers game. (Tickets were free) Blake Griffin is no joke. John Wall has no chance at rookie of the year with this dude beastin.


Barring injury, Miami will run through teams this year. I'll just be sitting back and watching you delusional fans think otherwise.


Stephen Curry is my only hope.


wow Eli, thats sweet. here in singapore, you cant play past about 10 o clock. the houses (hdbs) are so clustered together, playing at night will just make the residents call the cops to chase us away. ): hope you get your practice in.

getitdone, yea dirk is definitely one of the best big man, and hardest big man to guard. guard him inside and he has his fadeaway/stepback. guard him outside, he can shoot the 3 or drive through.

hmmmm, i think lakers definitely will get into the finals or at least the conference finals. truthfully while i love nash as a player, suns will probably not make it again, without stoudamire. for now, the only title contenders i can think of is miami,lakers,magic,celtics(though they are getting older) if only the wizards still had jamison and arenas. sigh.

and anyone has a favourite move youd like to share with the rest of us players? :smiley:


edit: just watched some of the highlights on nba.com to refresh myself with the new teams and all. alot of trashing going on. many teams winning their opponents by 30+ points, miami over okc, golden state over clippers. dont know if theyll be able to contend for the championship but bulls and golden state looking good so far. oh and i noticed on the miami highlights that there was no highlights of dwayne wade at all. only of bosh and bron. and how they were refered to as "lebron and the heats". anyone know if wade is injured or smth.

hey westcoast, jeremy lin seems like a good player man. maybe he can give you more hope. :smiley: but what i think golden state's lacking is a credible big man?