Hi, I am current a student in San Fransisco. Im 18 and in my freshman year of college. I recently went to the fitness center and got my body fat tested. I was surprised to see that i have let myself go so much since highscool, where I played football for three years as a running back and outside linebacker.

My bodyfat has increased since since the end of football seinor year and I am current at 18 percent. I am starting this Training Log to keep myself on track. My goal is to get to single digits in body fat percentage. The following is my current training schedule.

Monday �?? complex A �?? steady state
Tuesday �?? intervals - push
Wednesday �?? complex B �?? steady state
Thursday �?? intervals - pull
Friday �?? complex C �?? steady state
Saturday �?? off
Sunday �?? sprints - legs

Any comments, questions, critiques, and encourgement are welcome.

Yesterday�??s workout was complex B from the article complex’s for fat loss.

Complex B
Romanian Deadlift
Hang Clean + Front Squat + Push Press (combo lift �?? perform one rep of each in series)
Reverse Lunge (alternate legs)

4X5 @ 90’s

My grip was KILLING me from my chin ups on pull day. I used 115 and holy shit that was hard.

oh and sorry for starting in the middle of the week… this is my first week of serious training in about a year. I have however “worked out” in that time period and kept most of my strength from football but am however “chubby athletic” for my 5’8 build.

todays workout

complex A

Complex A
Bent Over Barbell Row
Hang Clean
Front Squat + Push Press Hybrid
Jump Squat (bar on back)
Good Morning

4X5 @ 90’s

started with 95 1st set. then went to 105 for the rest holy shit that extra 10 lbs. seemed like alot more.

followed by 20 mins SS at 6 on the tred.

felt good today. need to keep nutrition stricter tho…

I learned alot today… first of all I cant go into the gym and just “wing” a workout from now on my push days include a bench variation (horizontal push), a vertical push, and one another high rep chest exercise (2 chest exercises total, 2 shoulder, and 2 triceps).

my pull days include 1 deadlift variation, one vertical pull and one horizontal pull for back totaling 3 back exercises. followed by 1 trap exercises and 2 biceps exercises.

my total repititions for any one exercise will total 24. so for any body part with 3 exercises i will have a total of 72 reps. for 2 exercises 48 reps and for 1 exercise 24 reps.

the second thing i learned today is that I personaly cant run after coIsuming Surge. I dont know why but i get massive cramps.

having said all of that my workout today was…

BB Flat Bench 5X5 at 185 followed by DB flat bench 3X8 with 80’s

then super setted dips with triceps extension with a 60 for 12 and about 20-25 dips.

followed by latteral raises with 15s 3X12

running I had to stop after 6 100M intervals for the reason stated earlier.

I have read everything you have written so far and Im very impressed. Unfortunetly, I personally don’t have that mindset to go into the gym day in and day out like i did in the beginning of summer. Part of that may be because I still am having not problems staying entertained here and want to have a good foundation with girls and school.

Also, jiu jitsu doesn’t really require any strength, just technique so Im not getting much motivation to workout for that. I honestly just dont think im ready to commit myself to an 8 to 12 week program at this time. I wish i had that motivation, but I realized you cant force yourself to do anything if you dont want to do it.

If your going for anything in life, its because you want it. Not because other people or even you think you should have it. You should want it. Im gonna go eat, but ill eat healthy. Probably nuts and a spinach salad.

I had those nuts and spinach like i said, but i also had pasta and chicken nuggets. i swear to god i wouldnt eat so much damn pasta all the time if there were just pieces of meat at the dining hall. every once in a while theres chicken or fish without any crap added to it but not often enough. i end up eating pasta and lots of carbs because its the most filling stuff. Oh and the small sandwiches.

oh god they are great. i could eat 6 of those at one sitting but i would probably double my daily carb requirement. and maybe even triple the amount of carbs i should be eating in comparision to protein and fat. i get once in ahwile but i figure your only supposed to eat once in awhile or a handful a day, not at after meal. i also dont like nuts in my shit. kinda gross.

i was just reading something on sosuave and i came across this guys little quote underneath his posts.

The mindset: I’d rather get blown out for escalating too fast than LJBF’ed for not escalating at all.

I like how people have these. gives me a new way to look at “the game” and reanaylze what my methods or mindsets are.

ill probably be posting a shit load cause this is really cool and im hoping that i learn more about myself and what i will become from looking back at what i wrote and felt at the time when i wrote this.

great article. Ten things you wish you had figured out before turning 30 (or 25, or 40, or 50!) | SoSuave Discussion Forum

fuck yeah man… im glad you joined the BASE! dude im so sick right now all i did yesterday was sleep. i dont wana miss 2 workouts in a row so no matter how i feel im fucking training today…

Good work BASE brothers. Lionheart I know you have the will power to reach your goal. keep in your mind set, train hard, keep track of your progress and make adjustments where necessary, and you’ll be where you want to be in no time.

As for me. I have a little conundrum. I am taking creatine right now and have gotten great results. The problem is I hear it is very bad to take creatine and drink alcohol because they are both hard on your kidney and alcohol dehydrates the body.

But I also want to party a lot because I also want to keep meeting new people and keep my social life going so I can meet a lot of girls. I’m no alcoholic but every time I go to a party it is extremely hard for me to turn down alcohol when everyone is drinking and having a good time.

Also I gain way more confidence when I have a good buzz going. Solution sounds simple, but I hate attending parties and not drinking because for

1.) it is hard to relate with drunk people when you aren’t drunk and 2.) in the event a drunk girl wants to hook up, I feel like I’m taking advantage of them when I’m sober. Anyone have any suggestions?

God this is great…

Guys seriously take advantage of college while you still can. drink and have fun but I think after that first inital stage of crazyness then its time to settle down and train your ass off.

Im past that inital state of about 2 months where its crazy nd everyone parties all the time so partying is alot less frequent and it allows me to focus on my personal goals but i still moderately drink and stuff so its all good… good luck guys. and keep posting.

remeber our goal is simple… get better each and every day; whether it be physicaly, mentaly, emotionally, or socially.

I’m Tony Montana! You fuck with me, you fuckin’ with the best! my favorite scarface quote.

anyways emi this is advice i have for you. ive been looking up things like what happens when you take alcohol and creatine at the same time and im sure youve done the same. i honestly would recommend to do one or the other cause the creatine’s effects are diminished when you are drinking. so you should probably choose to drink now at the start of school and when things calm down, like david said, start taking creatine and working to your full potential. you also dont want to fuck up your kidneys now while your young. its hard to realize that were gonna have the same body 60 years from now after all the bad things we are doing to it now. makes me think twice about getting wasted every night or eating really shitty. thats just my take on it.

after going to a party tonight, and being ditched by a girl i was kinda with at the time by her ex-boyfriend i had a prophecy. after i was dancing with her and shes says, “ill be right back” and kinda grabs my hand for a second for a little reassurance that she’ll come back, i find her about 2 minutes later making out with her old boyfriend. funny how girls came seem so interested and than not the next minute. the whole point of this post is to start a list about anything really. Whether it be rules to live by, pieces of advice, guidelines to life, whatever. As long as it has to do with training or women or life in general it should be posted.

Some of my newly adopted rules. im gonna write these down and live by them until they are proven wrong or can be improved upon. Im gonna list them in order in number from now on and try to remember them that way even though it will be hard.

Rule #1 Confidence can get you through any social situation.

Rule #2 Never trust any girl besides the ones in your family. They live their lives off what they feel, not whats right. How can you ever trust someone who does stuff based on feelings? You can’t.

Rule #3 Always be there for your bros. Never leave them behind and especially for a bitch/girl. A bro is only someone you know you can trust for sure. (The only people in the world i can trust our Emi, David, D.J., Brian, Bies, Steve, Nick G, and Dragan. I wish there were more but it takes awhile to trust people.)

Rule #4 If a girl is mean to you or does something you dont like, thank her, thank her for letting you realize she was a waste of time and get on with your life.

Rule #5 Never brag or showoff. You come across looking like a fuckwad. And nobody likes a fuckwad.

I dont want to force out anymore if they dot come to me naturally cause i know my list will get bigger overtime and you guys can add to it too.

perry your so wise…I agree 100 percent with rules 1, 2 (even though Ive found one girl who came extremly close), 3, and 5… but for 4 be careful because it might be a shit test…

I think what your doing is a really good idea… having your own personal set of rules that you wont comprimise unless proven otherwise. Im all for this and think ill sit down and try for a list of my own.

for rule #4 i was referring to a girl that you are seeing at the time or dating, not the first time meeting the girl bitcheness. or bitchiness. or bitchyness. im not sure how to spell it

Nice list Perry, it wasn’t until recently that I agreed with #2. Everything else is spot on. I will make my guidelines when I have a little more free time. But I do have some advice that might help you guys in whatever your trying to accomplish. I did this recently where I wrote a letter (or more of a contract)to myself and signed it and then locked it away where I can retrieve it any time.

It basically was a contract that I wouldn’t be a shy person anymore and would never be timid in a social setting ever again. It seems dumb, but so far it actually has helped a lot. every time I feel like avoiding a possible conversation with someone I think back to the contract I signed and convince myself not to go back on it.

I’m sure you guys have something else in mind that you want to work on, but I recommend doing this whether it be for training, giving something up that is holding you back, or whatever.

And in response to the story about the chick, Perry…FUCK chicks. My mind has completely changed on my approach towards dating. Before I would find one girl who I wanted and focus all my energy on her, think about her all the time, and wonder what the best way to get her liking me was. Instead, I am now just trying to meet as many girls as possible and seeing if I want to go anywhere with any of them with no emotional commitment at all.

I figure most girls in college are simply hooking up with a lot of guys and only investing time in the guys that they are overwhelmingly attracted to. By throwing away my old strategy completely I feel like I am #1)having more fun #2) improving my social life and 3) coming across as the type of guy that most girls want. feel free to comment on this.

Emi! I miss you bro… dude ive seen perry nd DJ but u need to come nd vist us fucker…

Anyway, I like the level of thought and commitment to change in the BASE.

My goals are towfold

  1. my physical goal is “The Warrior Test”. Let me explain why I chose this goal after long deliberation. I have chosen a goal that is not baised around looks (ex. to gain 2 inches on biceps) insted I have chosen something that requires the utmost dedication and in the end will result in an dramatic increase in bodyweight to strength ratio and I belive mental strength.

my second goal is to “FUCKING CLOSE…

I have been watching and re-waching this clip the Always Be Closing clip. it really makes me think about encounters ive had with women where ill flirt and gain alot of rapport but in the end fail to close with a # or anything so I have nothing to show for it. one of the quotes that really hits home for me is “only one thing matters in this life, to get them to sign on the line that is dotted…” I really think results are the only fucking thing that matters… like he said in the clip “good father? fuck you go home and play with your kids…” nothing else matters… if you dont have the “brass ball’s” it takes to close then get the fuck out… this is a MANS GAME! grab your nuts and beat your chest a cupple times. (I litterly want you to do this for me)

Ya I’ve been having a tough time on acting on my instincts. Instead of being bold and doing what I know I must do to stand out in girls minds, I always fall back and consider the consequences. Sometimes I wish my brain would just do without my reasoning and just unleash itself like a mad fucking wildebeest.

ive been talking to this girl in my yoga class (i dropped math and needed one more credit) for 2 weeks (its a once a week class) and today I was like fuck it I gotta start following my own advice and asked for her # and not only did she give it to me… she was very talkative and enthusiastic about it. Closing is everything.

Closing is Everything.