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The BASE: Workout Log

Hi, I am current a student in San Fransisco. Im 18 and in my freshman year of college. I recently went to the fitness center and got my body fat tested.

I was surprised to see that i have let myself go so much since highscool, where I played football for three years as a running back and outside linebacker. My bodyfat has increased since since the end of football seinor year and I am current at 18 percent.

I am starting this Training Log to keep myself on track. My goal is to get to single digits in body fat percentage. The following is my current training schedule.

Monday �?? complex A �?? steady state
Tuesday �?? intervals - push
Wednesday �?? complex B �?? steady state
Thursday �?? intervals - pull
Friday �?? complex C �?? steady state
Saturday �?? off
Sunday �?? sprints - legs

Any comments, questions, critiques, and encourgement are welcome.

yesterdays workout was complex B from the article complex’s for fat loss.

Complex B
Romanian Deadlift
Hang Clean + Front Squat + Push Press (combo lift �?? perform one rep of each in series)
Reverse Lunge (alternate legs)

4X5 @ 90’s

My grip was KILLING me from my chin ups on pull day. I used 115 and holy shit that was hard.

oh and sorry for starting in the middle of the week… this is my first week of serious training in about a year. I have however “worked out” in that time period and kept most of my strength from football but am however “chubby athletic” for my 5’8 build.

i relize this is in the wrong section so im going to re post this in the workout log section

dont know if you missed, but theres this whole other section dedicated to logs.