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The BarryAllan Log

Hey guys,

I decided to create a log of my own to document my progress on trt and hopeful recovery.

Here’s a little bit about my history:

Past history of Msten use at 20 that, in retrospect, definitely weakened by HPTA. I still had a libido but i never really noticed that anything was wrong unfortunately.

I did a couple 500mg of 12 week cycles of test e around 22. I used tren for the first one but it was very short lived because that felt like another stratosphere of AAS and i didn’t feel comfortable using it. I did fine on test only.

Luckily i didn’t have trouble recovering from tren and the first cycle, but i felt olay, It was the second cycle where things got messed up outta no where. One day i just didn’t feel good like i usually would, it was like my whole state shifted. I probably did the 2nd cycle too close to the 1st one. I was merely on test only too and i never thought anything could go wrong doing that, guess i was wrong.

I didn’t touch anything for a couple of years and then finally relented and did trt. Admittedly i jumped up to 500mg immediately as i wanted to feel good quickly but that only lasted about 3 weeks at most. i used HCG and an AI as well. I’ve dropped it as of last October but it hasn’t made much of a difference

Come May it’ll be a full year on test and i haven’t been able to reach the homeostasis point. I know one of my sticking points is not waiting long enough. I just hope that’s all i need because I’m out of ideas beside protocol changes.

I want to keep pharmaceutical influence small so i’ll be relying on supplements:

L-Arginine 1000mg
Mucuna Pruriens 1000mg
AL CAR 1000mg
Organic Maca root caps
Taurine 1000mg

I plan to take no more than 5-6 supps at a time and i’ll be cycling through things, however i’ll keep AL CAR as it supposedly helps androgen receptor density.

Right now I’m 19 days on 100mg every Monday and Thursday. Blood work will be done at 8 weeks.

I deeply regret getting involved with steroids. It’s a humbling experience to know that it CAN be you, however I hope i can get back to my best self. If anybody has suggestions on things they take or procedures i can follow, I’m all ears.

Let the road to recovery begin.

You did three cycles, one with mesterolone at age 20, and two twelve week cycles at 22, testosterone and trenbolone? Correct? Then, at age 24 you started 500mg/week test with hCG and an aromatase inhibitor? How long was that?

How long have you been taking 100mg 2x/week?

I did the mesterolone back to back at 20 with 30 day breaks in between. There was this new supplement shop independent from GNC and Vit Shoppe and they sold me both the Msten and “PCT” products. Don’t think they were much looking back now.

I did 2 12 week cycles of test e. Tren only for 3-4 weeks during the 1st cycle. I forgot to mention that i did front load with leftover msten for the 1st cycle as well. i lost a lot of weight due to an accident and was trying to gain it back.

Both cycles were with test as base with no AI or HCG, never needed it.

At 24 i was prescribed trt but i had my own supply too. The plan was to take 500mg for about 6-8 weeks to get the boost then transition into my trt protocol. I began with 500mg, 500iu hcg twice weekly and 12.5 aromasin weekly.

I began on 100mg 2x/week 19 days ago.

Pretty shitty protocol. Would have been better just to do the testosterone without the hcg or aromasin.

Still got a ways to go. Post your bloodwork here at 8 weeks and then reassess.

-If you’re feeling ok by 8 weeks, I’d stick with it another month as you might need more time to feel the full benefits.
-If feeling good some days and not others, I’d try increasing injections to reduce the fluctuations (E3D, EOD, or dailies - dailies with the least fluctuations but the largest commitment).
-if not feeling good at all any day, I’d take a closer look at your FT and at 200mg, you might need to reduce the dose, say to 150mg. Some people need even higher doses to feel optimal but they would at least be “ok” with 200mg.

Best of luck and looking forward to reading your log man.

Stop taking all this shit unless your goal is to still be on this log a year from now wondering why you never felt right on TRT. None of that shit is going to help you right now and there’s a good chance it will negatively effect you. Your 200mg/week protocol looks fine. Don’t take anything else and don’t change anything for 8 weeks. The common theme in your post is you like to kamikaze everything you do. When you get that urge post here and tag me and I’ll remind you of the fact you’ll never get right if you do it.

Expect the first 8 weeks of 200mg/week of T only to not make you feel amazing right off the bat. That way you have your expectations in check if that’s how it goes (that’s how it is for me). After 8 weeks is when you should start really feeling better. If you fuck with it before that then you won’t.


OK, what’s done is done. Plenty of guys ran 6-12 week cycles for many years (10+) and were fine afterwards. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

Your current dosing is reasonable. Do you have labs prior to starting on your 500mg protocol, or after the couple of years of doing nothing, before you started back with testosterone? I’m interested in seeing where you were two years after no anabolics.

Well i wouldn’t necessarily call 500mg a protocol lol. I just wanted to feel good as soon as possible.

Total T: 1245 (199-1586 ng/dL)
Free T: 91.5 (45-250 pg/ml)
SHBG 47.26 (19.30-76.40 (nmo/L)
E2 63.6 (40.7-424.6)
Prolactin 4.9 (4.1-28.9 uL)
LH 9.7 (0.5-68.7)
FSH 5.9 (1.5-168.8)

TSH: 1.793 (0.400-4.000)
Free T4 1.1 (0.8-1.8)
TT3 L 0.7 (0.8-1.8)
T4 4.9 (4.9-12.0)
FT3 L 1.82 (2.30-4.20)

This was my first comprehensive panel after a couple of years. I always thought i could solve thyroid and the rest would solve itself. I’ve found that since supplementing T, my thyroid numbers have improved, whether its still a problem in need of addressing, we’ll see.

As far as more recent labs, i prefer to leave that in the past and just post my most recent 8 week bloods here once its ready.

Doesn’t look like your pituitary was/is very active so secondary hypogonadism. But Im not a doctor.

For sure.

If i just did injectables without the prohormone use, i think i would’ve been good honestly.

Like i said, i definitely weakened my hpta at a critical time. That’s why i can’t help but partially feel i really fucked up but hopefully i’ll be able to recover.

OK, we used to call our AAS cycles a “program”. For example, what program are you on?

I don’t think i’ll ever cycle again barring any injury or unfortunate circumstance that leads me to lose weight.

I meant that when i was on 500mg, i wasn’t on a protocol that a doctor prescribed.

However i had some thoughts about jumping up to 300mg for a short period should 8-12 weeks go by and i don’t get the libido hit i needed.

But i’ll let that thought develop when the time comes.

For now i’m taking @dextermorgan advice and dropping all supps and just taking my 100mg test twice weekly, thats it.

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That is good advice.


I want to ask you a question.

How did you know you needed to change the frequency of your injections?

You’re injecting 200mg split daily correct? How did you know to stay at that dose but to increase frequency to daily?

Why not 2x or 3x week for example.

I’d much prefer to inject as infrequently as possible, but beggars can’t be choosers and i value my homeostasis more so than injection convenience.

I just need to know what you though process was and when to call it quits on a certain frequency

I started at 220mg once a week but felt like crap. Ended up dropping my dose to 100mg and injecting twice a week and going up in 20mg intervals every 2-3 months. When I got to around 160-180mg/week I started feeling better than I had in a while. I stayed there for some time and felt I still had room to improve. Ended up doing EOD and trying sub-q, then daily sub-q, then EOD IM then daily IM where I have felt better than I ever thought possible. To sum it up, I basically didn’t feel totally optimal so I tried different approaches until I got there. Unfortunately each change needs a good 2 months to really know how it makes you feel. The first 6-8 weeks of any change I did actually made me feel to some degree worse before better.

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Was it always a maximum of 8 weeks before you made any changes?

Or did it vary? Sometimes 8, sometimes 12, playing by feel and letting it ride some.

8-12 but 8 minimum. Some folks say 6 weeks but me personally it takes 8. There’s a big difference between how I feel on week 6 and on week 8. Week 8 is when things START to change in the positive direction and by week 12 you really have some semblance of a true idea what that change really does for you.

This I found to be true as well. 8-12 weeks is when I noticed a difference. And always slept like shit on weeks 2-3 after a change In protocol

So i decided to change my dose and frequency.

Not because of impatience or anything like that, but i felt it was time to pick something more reasonable for my body.

I wanted to pick a dose that i could imagine myself being on long term, without any changes if need be.

200mg a week was moreso experimental. Back in the fall i did 250-300mg of test every 3.5 and i felt pretty well. I didn’t keep that dose for obvious reasons but I wanted to see if i went up to a high trt dose, close enough to where i originally was, i could replicate those factors relatively quickly. After all, it wasn’t very long that it took me to feel the effects first time around.

In the end, i considered it a failed experiment and i knew that i would be looking to reduce my dose down the road.

I wanted a reasonable dose for my standards that I felt would give me a good healthy level and help my body ease back into homeostasis.

I decided on 70mg E3D. My faith in 3.5 had dwindled and i felt like it was time to experiment with more frequency. i know its not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless which obviously allows for less test per dose and should help control estrogen spiking and such.

I started just yesterday and I’m on week 1, day 2. It didn’t feel good going back to week 1 but it was better to scrap now when i was still pretty early into as opposed to doing it around week 6-7.

I’m mentally prepared for the long road ahead of me. I got my eyes set for June for when i should be hoping to see some results.

Keep y’all updated through out.

Stay the course. There will be ups and downs. Don’t change horses in the middle of the stream.

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I wasn’t happy with being so high, i’d rather work my way up to that dose if need be.

I wanted to change course now while it was still early in the protocol and i feel like I’ll be better off for it.

Staying positive and staying the course from here on out.

I’ll keep the crew updated as i go.

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