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The banning of pro-steroid and andro

A quick message to sympathize with my fellow T-man from the US. The project of banning the Andro products sucks big time. I wonder each time I see this kind of behavior from politics. I mean, 'roids have been banned so people shouldn’t be using it right? Yeah, right! They really live in a dream world. What’ll be next? Caffeine?

So let’s hear your voices, tell your local politics, send them your opinions! The US Bill of Rights doesn’t protect free speech for nothing, use that right and use it wisely!!!


Yep, just emailed my congressman. No, I did not end it with an MBE tag.

MBE: "Politimacal Primate since 1776."


“With liberty (add emphasis on that word) and justice for all”…Oh sorry that is for only certain indivuduals. The so called “elite” who enjoy their nazistic power over the masses. More and more rights are being stripped away these days. Makes one wonder why so many are blind to this.

It’s just a knee-jerk response to make the public think they’re getting something done. The “experts” that testify before Congress are hand-picked in order to make sure only the (politically) “correct” position is offered. Anyone remember when Meryl Streep nearly destroyed the Washington State apple industry with her BS about Alar? She’s such a highly regarded expert, afterall. Too bad the Congressmen couldn’t get the stars out of their eyes and actually learn what they were doing before enacting legislation in these matters.

The problem is millions of people have tried Andro products. Like steroids, andro products can give you a great feeling and fast results. This makes it sort of “addictive” and people want to keep using it, as long as they are not abusing it. Well you take away andro and what will people do? They will want that feeling plus the fast results and go for steroids, and that’s something those law makers don’t realize. They are putting more people in danger than in a safer place. I’m not saying steroids are dangerous, but there’s an easier chance of fucking up than there is with andro. Tim Patterson mentioned there is about 1,000,000 T-men who visit daily? Well if we could get the majority of them to voice their opinion and fight the law, we may actually stand a chance. Who knows maybe we could get more people outside of t-mag, cuz there’s millions of them!

“It’s just a knee-jerk response to make the public think they’re getting something done.”

I’m sure many thought the same about ephedrine. PC? chokes on his food everytime he hears that perverted word