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The Ball Bike


It seems as if they are running out of ideas for new ridiculous exercise gimmicks. I just saw a commercial today for the ball bike. What is the ball bike? Check it out for yourself. http://www.ballbike.com


It's missing a shakeweight attachment.


I wonder if you could fit that in the squat rack.


Sure beats dealing with the airlines, though.


It's got motivational electronics!


Sitting on a ball for core work seems pointless once you put on an actual back support.

And is that really the best model they could find to sit on this thing? They could look around here and find a whole lot of much better looking gals.

I could go on, but fuck it. I'll just laugh at the people on this once it shows up in the gym.


Shouldn't you be updating us on your date?




You Brits laugh at anything.


awesome!when I saw the thread title I was going to post this.


That's just me.


Ooh burning calories while working your core... how functional.


That blonde is friggin hot though


Don't forget the most important part... Big Padded Backrest! (patent pending)


I would pay to see this placed in a gym. REALLY. things like this make my day


In A gym? MY gym! This would make my day EVERY day! :smiley:


Mannnn, I was just going off the pic, I just hit the link. That video is straight up porn. Please Please put this in Gyms This should replace bike classes. I would get a bag of burgers a chair and just sit in the back until they called the cops...damn


Isn't this meant for SAMA? Because I just made a fappuccino.


Now just put a pair of shakeweights on the handles, put the whole thing on a vibrating platform, and you'll only need to work out for 30 seconds each day!


Did anybody else catch how they made her last name "Youngster?"