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The Badasses of T-Nation!


rugger1990, intense workout:

Tmodi 280kg squat:

Bench is nothing, squat is everything!

Now, go to the gym, and squat, be a badass like these!

-- stallion


LOL. Personally, I think I suck, but that leaves tons of room for improvement.


Hanley definitely goes on this list.


Meat! Strong as a horse and fairly bright.


Keyword is fairly. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn't even go that far. :wink:

Smart is for thinkers...Strong is for doers.


I was yelling at my computer on tmodi's 620lb squat. Awesome.


Bench not going so hot lately?


I'm screwed on both counts. At least I still "gots" my looks!


i'm about as smart as i am good looking....

modi's quote is fairly correct. i have a sign on my window coming into my office that says " i'm not smart but i can lift heavy things"


Well you are super hot.

You don't have to be smart, you just have to be bright enough to convey information to those of us who are super not smart.


Where is the vid of that guy doing like 15 reps of 190kg squats and then dropping all the weights and puking in the sink? It was epic.


Badasses, not assholes!!


Closet-bodybuilders, you mean.

Still, I second Stronghold's post...


Actually, in many instances, the bench can be as much as 1/3 of a persons total.


Shoot for the stars brother, you can be both!


or all of it if your name is jeff.


how about asshole gear whore cheater??:slightly_smiling:


gear whores.


thatd be kinda weird if your bench, deadlift, and squat were all the same weight.