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The Bad Protein

Have any of you read the article at the protein factory claiming that soy may not be all that bad after all? The article seems to say that soy isolates are actually a great source of protein. What do you guys think?

Me thinks that place sells soy protein.

I think that the preliminary studies done on soy are overblown. Yep…if you are eating 150-200 grams of soy protein/day, then you should mix it up with casein and whey. Keep soy at a minimum until more studies are done. But eating a bit of soy protein is not going to kill you!

Doa search for ‘soy’ on the forum and the mag. There are VOLUMES of info on soy…

As far as I know Soy Protein Isolate doesn’t have any of those nasty phytoestrogens in it. Also, I have seen several sources that claim sucking down soy for about a week (kind of a pre-contest sort of thing) will increase muscle hardness! Still, I’m not over excited about using Soy - just the fact that womens magazines jump up and down about it is enough to make me avoid it.

Why take a chance ? The upside is minimal the downside has you crying during TV commercials.

This issue has been debated before, and let’s say it got pretty heated for a while. Let’s say that the T-Mag staff treats soy like it’s the anti-Christ, yet after 2 years of consuming fair amounts of soy on a regular basis (25-100g per day on most days, out of 200-300g of protein per day) I’m making gains better than I have in the past. I personally think that I’ve benefitted from mixing my protein and not sticking exclusively on the Whey bandwagon. In my mind, the downsides are far overexaggerated, but that’s my opinion, and since I’ve got personal experience rather than scientific data, I’ll have to go what it did for me over what someone wrote about effects on lab rats. But, maybe it isn’t for everyone. I just know that it hasn’t done me a lick of harm that I can tell, and as long as I keep making my gains, I’ll keep soy in my diet.

I was under the impression that soy protein isolate had the phytoestrogens removed. I can see not eating tofu and shit like that, but i dont see anything wrong with the isolates. If im wrong though id happily admit it because soy tastes like shit. Ironically, one of the biggest guys ive ever known used to go through about a kilo of the that cheap soy from GNC a week. It didnt seem to hurt him any.

Guys, you know what 9 out of 10 doctors recommend for their female menopausal patients? Yep, soy protein. Why? Cuz’ of its estrogenic properties. Also, I find it highly unlikely that anyone’s really taken the time to take out the offending isoflavones.

While the evidence certainly isn't conclusive, I find it real easy to avoid soy--at least for now.

I consume a great deal of soy and have for the last couple of years. I think that soy isolates are great and found that whey and other milk proteins gave me indigestion and just really made me feel sick.