The bad news bitch

A few years ago I was in a very serious relationship with a girl who had various mental/physical health issues (chrone’s,Borderline pers,clinical depression ect.) I was definitely wary at first but looking at things that had happen to her I could understand alot of her problems. BTW I feel chrone’s can be linked to mental disorders. Anyway my good nature put all of this aside and I tried to help her and at one point felt I would do so for the rest of our lives together. I moved back from school to be with her after 1 1/2 years of doing the longterm thing after having already been together for a little over a year. When I came back to be with her her parents split up (dad was cheating) and she really just snapped. I called her constantly, wrote endless letters and cried gallons of tears for quite awhile. Finally after time had passed I realized that her condition would have made a lifetime of sadness if I had stayed with her and ultimately I was better off. Just last year, I saw her while I was picking up my passport at the mall on my birthday (I went to Aruba, fuckin sweet). She sort of hunted me down to wish me a happy b-day, but then started with all the problems again. I started to feel terrible again, but at the same time releaved that they were no longer “our problems”. Drving home from the mall I felt kind of good/guilty about feeling good. Then as I got out of my car my cop neighbor called me over to the fence to quitely explain that my younger brother had been arrested with 40 + bags of dope. FUCK! It was only 9:00 and both my parents were sleeping since they wake up at 4:30. Definitely not what I wanted to wake them up for and explain on my B-Day. Now today August 5 is the ex’s B-Day, and guess what? 6 this morning my aunt call to tell me my uncle has died. FUCK! I don’t really know the point of this thread, other that this shit just seems too ironic. I have to go to my grandparents house right know and everyone else is at work still so I’ll be the first there. FUCK!

The only thing I can tell you is to stay the fuck away from that chick at all costs!!!

I got sucked into the insanity of a bi-polar girl for THREE YEARS! I NEVER want to go back to that insane bullshit.

Nothing can ever make her happy.

Sorry about the other shit that happened, though.

Stay the fuck away from her!

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Well, I’ll parrot what most psychologists will tell you: “You cannot help a person with borderline/narcissist personality disorder, ever.” All you can do is learn how to “deal” with them. If only I would have understood this before. You’re lucky you got out of that relationship… very lucky…

Sucks to be you, bro.

Stop right now (if you can) and figure out, in the middle of all this chaos and disaster, what you can do for YOU to keep your head together. This is a shitload of stress to be dumped on a person. Don’t let yourself get so caught up in everything else to the point where you can’t give yourself some personal time: to train, sleep, drive around, see a movie you’ve been putting off, go out to dinner, whatever works for you.

Good luck; stay strong and true to your own needs.

Man, if you ever have doubts on borderlines or narcissistic personality disorders, go see Sam Vankins website. TONS of info. He knows what he talks about - hes one AND he`s got scholarship too.

Keep your calm and keep known problem people at bay. It lets you time to sort things out.

Dude it’s one of those shitty days. I feel ya and am sorry to hear what happend. Your brother is an idiot though, honestly. Forget the bitch and there’s nothing you could do about your uncle, ya know? Keep your head on stright, things will get better.

Stroke it easy bro,

I belive it’s “Crohn’s” disease. And it is VERY treatable.

Thanks, just got back from the titty bar after being at my grandmothers all day. Definitely a change in atmosphere, but after (much as I had expected ) I decided to call the ex to wish her a happy she says she wanted me to come out with her and her freinds. Naturally I’d rather lick a maggots asshole + my most recent ex/Fbuddy works where she was going, so I declined. I gotta say though, despite today sucking the snotty end, I came to just about the same conclusion that most of you did.

  1. The shit that’s going on is pretty much out of my hands. Trying to distance myself from things of that nature is all I can do/don’t drown.
  2. Don’t date girls with clinically diagnosed mental disorders. FUCKIN DUHH!3. It is Chron’s disease, which is treatable, if you aren’t a stubborn wack job.
  3. My uncle suffered for quite some time before he died, so now his pain is over.
  4. I really like women. ALOT! Especially naked ones.
  5. Strippers really like money.ALOT!

Well some of those things I realized awhile ago but who cares. Oh yeah.
7. My brother is an idiot but only I can say that shit. Regardless I love him.

my grandma always told me that bad things happen in 3’s.


WIDEGUY: In light of your last point, strippers, brings up the question: was she a stripper? If so, we will have to update the classic forum saying bring a stripper and put a warning next to it… ;0)

(Just kidding. I have never heard any T-grade people talk about success stories in relations with strippers, except bought ones, like you said. Surprising, huh? LOL But always juicy stories…)

Not a stripper, but I have dated two strippers (not at the same time) fun but not longterm material IMO. However, if theres are any strippers who are
5’10 and above;preferably blond; and can pick an acorn up off the ground with out using their hands PM me:-)

I’ve been dating a stripper before, really I guess it would all depend if your goals would match.
They make a sh*tload of money (at least in bigger cities), but the whole “my gf is going out to pose nude in front of other guys” thing is a bit tough to deal with, especially when it comes to relatives and their views.

Also for long term it’s a bit hard to consider kids, and the work hours don’t match up with typical jobs either, thus we really didn’t see each other that often. I won’t even mention the whole IRS issue either, that was just ugly.

Strippers in bigger cities could easily retire with a nice income by their early 30’s, although honestly most of them blow the money sorta like rock stars, hollywood types and sports athletes do.

Amen bro, the one I saw made something like $800-1,000 a night when things were good. She was only topless and did table/not lap dances. The other one was the wild child and she made good loot too but partied like a rock star (e, c, lmnop you name it) threesomes foursome lots of fun. But NOT LONG term. She also did the lap dance thing aka grindin cock, didn’t really thrill me too much. But I’m past that shit now. Looking for a more serious girl.