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The Bacon Bulk Diet


The Bacon Bulk Diet by nevans

5000 calories
400 grams fat
500 grams protein

The bacon bulk diet is very simple: every 10 minutes, you consume 1 slice of bacon. Assuming a 16-hour day this is about 100 slices of bacon, providing 5000 calories and 500 grams of muscle building protein.

The best part is, since you are eating such a small amount of food at a time, you never really feel full and your body continues to produce leptin. This allows you to shed body fat while bulking: the large amount of calories and high frequency of eating allow you to become huge and ripped at the same time.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the 10 minute periods between meals. This means during workouts, showers, work, classes, whatever; you have to eat every 10 minutes. Nor can I stress enough the great taste of bacon.

I suggest cooking up a few hundred slices a couple times a week and carrying a large plastic container of bacon with you everywhere you go. Enjoy!


Wishfull thinking, no?

Eating bacon every 10 minutes would get old very quickly, not to mention the vast lack of nutrients you'd be missing out from the variety of foods you should be eating too.


Bacon gets old real quick, especially if that's all you're eating. Every once in a while I'll make a pound and I can never finish it.

Also, this is fucking stupid. You should be ashamed of yourself.


That's a lot of swine! What if you are a Muslim? No hog for you then!

Would turkey bacon work? I know they make bacon from beef too........... and veggie bacon!

Three cheers for swine!


This would be a disaster if someone actually tried this diet. After a few weeks of eating bacon you would feel horrible...serious lack of fiber and nutrients.
Poor choice


modified bacon diet
aka "bacno" diet

every 10 minutes 1 strip of bacon
and one sip of no explode
assuming you take a 16 hour day you'd be dead before 2009

Also caffeine in no explode is a stimulant so you never have to sleep again thus increasing productivity.

win win situation i say.


Hahaha bang on Daahsir



But seriously, what are everyone's thoughts on very-high frequency eating? Think about animals that graze versus animals that gorge. Humans seem to be a mix of the two. "Grazing" throughout the day could work for bodybuilding.


I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


Take all of your chicken breasts, meat, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, protein powders, and fruit and put it all into a blender. I mean, all the food you're going to eat that day. Blend, and then sip on it throughout the day. Don't forget the fish oils!



I dont see an issue if you were to make a normal meal with meat and veggies and carbs.

And then split it up and ate it every 10 minutes.

But eating only bacon is just stupid, and expensive, and who has the time to cook every 10 minutes, bacon is terrible if its not fresh.


How about you dry out your chicken breasts first and then blend them: chicken powder.


How the hell is leptin going to be high if you're eating nothing but fat?

Leptin levels are almost entirely correlated to glucose intake.

Bulking in a ketogenic state is also fucking worthless.


Have a small balanced meal every 2 hours...

thats the grazing I do and it works no matter which type of diet I'm doing.




Please say you're joking.


Isn't Biotest working on a new Powdered Chicken supp?

Oh, wait, that isn't true.

Never mind.


this board needs more posters like hexx, and fewer posters like nevans.

good job


I think I am the only one who recognizes the intent of humor in the thread.


i get it (insofar as there is anything to "get")

but honestly, this thread is rather pointless and it should've been posted in the off topic forum imo


Aye I spotted the humor straight off rofl.

I am however going to have an entire pack of bacon for breakfast some time this week. I havent realised how long its been!