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The Backdoor To Supplement Regulation?

We’ve talked a LOT about conspiracies on this site, but I wonder if we are seeing one “unfold” right before our eyes?

First…lawsuits drive insurance cost up for the manufacturers of Ephedra containing products, thereby causing many to cease their sale…

Then a class action suit (this time against Andostienedione) because it “doesn’t work”.

Again…I don’t want this thread to be a debate on what works and doesn’t work. But is this all a case of the FDA being unable to get direct regulation over the supplement industry so they either “go through the back door to get it” or use this current practice of driving up cost to make sales of supplements more and more difficult? Or is this all just a sign of good 'ole litiginous America? All of the above?

Your thoughts…

Little minded “people” will sue anything on two legs. Makes you wonder what the courts are thinking of.

This really wouldn’t be anything to worry about if the general public wasn’t so lazy as to take what the media says seriously. They have stories to sell, and the facts often get in the way. Instead of the FDA, concerning this issue anyway, I blame the news media.