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The Back Only Power Look


Hi Coach,

Very big fan, I just got Iron Woody bands yesterday and am at the end of my 3rd week on,”The Complete Power Look” and loving both!

I’m considering what I’ll do after this workout (I’ve historically been a 5x5 guy) and came across this back only version of the power look:

I was curious as to what other program I’d add this with as it only covers back- if I wanted to make a workout based around this. I’m also considering the 6 weeks to Superhero program but I go to a commercial gym and it might be too crowded.




The link doesn’t seem to be working. It send me to the front page


But just in case:

Workout Recap
Here’s a quick summary of this beastly traps routine:

Exercise	Sets	Reps

A1 Power Pull, Snatch Grip 2 6
A2 Power Pull, Clean Grip 2 6
A3 Scapular Retraction Barbell Row 2 6
B Power Clean from Blocks 3 5
C Overhead Shrug 1 20
D Snatch Grip Deadlift 3 5
E Snatch Cuban Press 1 20
Remember to perform this routine only once per week on back day. Give this workout a try and in a short period of time you’ll have traps that defy imagination and will earn you a cool nickname like “The Bull,” or “Sir!”


Thanks again sir


You look so young!


I like push/pull/legs/push/pull. It’s effective for me. Put this day in the last pull day. It has a lot of lower body work and would interfere if put before leg work. There’s a bazillion programs on this site. I’d just pick one and run with it. The “Best Damn Workout for Nattys” is basically a classic ready. He has some really cool ones if that’s to boring for you on his Thibarmy blog. I’ve also had great success with Wendlers 531 if you want consistency.


Thanks for the advice Mr. Morton.

I’m looking ultimately for a 3-4 day split(that’s why I like 5x5) that I can do in 1-1.5 hours. The reason for my question was to find out which program I can add this into. I was curious as to if coach T had any specific ideas as to when he wrote this. Not that I wanna do it again, but I guess I could swap the back day in The Complete Power Look program for this one right?


I suppose you could add it to anything. But it’s for traps not your whole back. A more well rounded routine would probably suit you better. Get your big lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press) up to decent numbers. Build a more solid foundation, then when you do specialized routines like this trap only one. You’ll actually get the results you’re looking for. Just my opinion though, maybe Coach will chime in

From the sound of it I would recommend doing his “Simple, Guaranteed Strength and Size” found by searching his blog at Thibarmy.com


My foundation ain’t bad and my numbers overall are good. I’m looking to probably add two inches all around (Ames/chest/legs etc) and take care of my stomach And more specifically my traps/upper back. I’ve really seen good changes regarding how my traps are responding to the complete power look and I want to emphasize this going fwd.

So I’ve got 7 weeks of the power look left, but I’m thinking post this now. Superhero sounds great but I’m wondering how it’ll translate to the LA Fitness (time wise). Think I’d prefer something where I can just install this as my back day- the program you shot over looks great but not sure I can do that. And I know I can’t add a day to it as coach says not to add a thing


Sorry to bug ya coach- this will be the last time regarding this- but any advice on what to add this to? Like a specific program?


Bro. Just find a program you like that has a pull and/or a back day and replace it with this…