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the bachelorette is SMOKIN

ok so that chick trista from the bachelorette is freaking ridiculously hot. anyone else agree?

We breed them well here in Missouri, I actually didnt find her that attractive until I started watching the show, I can honestly say (thought I would never say this about a chick), her personality makes her even more attractive than she really is.

looks wise i think she’s a 10, but ill agree that she is one cool girl. damnit now every girl i date im gonna compare to her. (maybe on the last show she will get naked. oh i hope.)

yeah, she is pretty freakin cool. I mean come on…a chick that is hot as hell AND loves sports AND is friendly! Doesnt get much better than that! By the way…who does everyone think she is going to pick. I think it is between Ryan and Charlie…Russ is a cocky, skinny shit!

I’d stick it in 'er brown…

yeah dude that russ guy is a piece of shit. as for sticking it in her brown, shit, i’d stick it in her ear if she asked me.

I’d hit it

She’s pretty but not freaking ridiculously hot. People are just overrating her because she’s on TV. Typical.

i would never give a straight skank ho, the designation of rediculously hot or a 10.

I can’t believe I’m reading this post on T-Mag. This is pathetic. Don’t you guys own some pornos?